Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grocery Shopping has Never Been so Fun!

Rory and I went to Byerly’s yesterday after school/work.  I was hoping that they would have one of those carts that has the built in infant seat in it.  We have used those at Target and Lakewinds and they work great!  We have a convertible car seat in our car now so I no longer have the luxury of carrying her in her car seat.  Also, Rory isn’t quite sitting up on her own yet so that makes it a little more complicated.  So we tried the grocery cart for the first time.  She slumped to the side so I packed my jacket and purse around her and she did great! 

She looked at me and smiled and laughed the whole time.  She loved being able to look around the store and at all the people.  It was like a whole new perspective on grocery shopping for her.  She held on to the little metal bar in front of her, it was so cute.

The entire time I talked to her and danced and made goofy faces to keep her entertained.  People must have thought I was nuts, but a fun Mom.  We did have a few people that stopped and said Hi and asked how old she was.  The best was the guy at the meat counter, he asked her name and when I told him it was Rory he responded “An Irish girl, I love a good Irish name”.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him she is like 1/16 Irish.

We had such a fun time together!  Rory has turned yet another everyday task into something fun!  Babies really do make you look at everything differently!

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