Friday, February 24, 2012

I Cut Off Your Thumb!

Keeping up with a babies fingernails is really hard.  They grow so fast and if you don't keep them cut they will cut you and cut themselves.  One of the weirdest things by the way is when a baby if just a few hours old and they already have fingernails that need to be cut. 

When she was first born I would file them and it was pretty easy, but as she got older they started growing faster and those little arms started moving around more so it got harder and harder.

One of my friends told me to just "bite them".  I thought ewww, how gross, I am not doing that!  Well low and behold 2 weeks later Judgy McJudgeJudge is biting her fingernails.  Yes, gross I know.  But its so much easier then cutting them!  I mean its really not that different then biting your own nails right?

On Wednesday Rory's nails were out of control.  I think she's a little old for me to continue to bite them so I brought out the baby nail clipper.  I started with her thumb, held it real still.  And cut her skin.  It immediatly started bleeding.  She did her silent scream which was reserved for getting shots up until now.  I immediately started balling too. It was bleeding, she was screaming and crying and I was crying and trying to calm her down. Once I realized that I did not cut off her thumb, I was thinking that I probably scared her for life and she would for sure lose all feeling in her thumb and it would be all my fault. 

We got a hold of ourselves a few minutes later and turns out its just a little cut and she is going to be ok, but I think I am going to go back to filing her nails.  I am way too dangerous with a nail clipper!

This was like 15 minutes after the incident. 
I swear it was worse then it looks here.


  1. I have done this too! We are still clipping away!
    I am sure we have not scared them too bad for life!

    XOXO Amy and Caleb

  2. I have heard to clip while they sleep. I never did this though for fear of waking a sleeping babe...

  3. I am sure it is worse for you than Rory! Fingernails are the worst! I've found that the little cuticle scissors are much easier for me. Of course it is still a two person job. One to distract, one to cut. Those safety baby clippers are the worst. You can't see what you are clipping. Blind clipping is no good.