Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Have a lot of Catching Up to do

I am not sure what I want this blog to be yet but I know that I want to remember everything.  I want to remember what its like to be a new mom.  I want to remember Rory’s firsts and her smiles and how exciting and fun each day is.  

But so much has happened already and I am just getting started so hopefully I can capture the last 4 and a half months somewhere along the line.

Let’s start at the very beginning because Tim and I never did write out our “Birth Story” and I want to put it down somewhere so that we remember it.

My due date was October 7th but I went to my 35 week appointment and Dr. Johnson seemed pretty sure I was going to go early.  I was 100% effaced and 2cm dilated already!

On Monday Sept 12th I started getting pretty bad back pain.  We wondered if they were contractions but we just weren’t sure.  They were so irregular and they were all in my back.  We went out for Mexican food that night and I complained the entire time.  I just kind of worked through it though and went on with my meal.

On Tuesday I woke up feeling ok and went into work.  By about 11am I couldn’t handle it anymore and I had to leave.  I went home and soaked in the bath, slept and soaked in the bath some more.  That evening we timed the pain (still wasn’t sure if they were contractions) and it was still really irregular.  I could go 30 minutes or 4 minutes in between the heightened pain in my back – and even in between the pain it hurt.  I leaned my back against a football most of the night and that made me feel better – they don’t teach you that in birthing class!

I took another hot bath late that night and actually felt a lot better.  I slept through the night, a full 8 hours.  I woke up feeling no pain and logged into work.  By about 9am the pain came back but it was tolerable so I kept working.  We had a 4pm shower at Tim’s work and his co-workers really went all out so I didn’t want to miss it!   I finished up work and we drove to Minnetonka.  I was now hurting a bit more and was starting to really believe I was actually having contractions.

Tim left me in his Ops room while he had a meeting.  Now I was certain I was in labor.  I paced back and forth, I leaned on the desk.  I was definitely in a lot of pain.  I was so nervous someone was going to walk in and think I was crazy but no one did.  I figured we could make it through the shower and then we would assess if we should go to the hospital.

I am sure it was a great shower!  I remember flowers and balloons and cake – but mostly I remember trying not to bolt out of there I was in so much pain.  I kept randomly standing.  In retrospect it was stupid to hide my pain, but I didn’t want people to think I was in labor if I wasn’t and I was just not 100% convinced yet.

I went to the bathroom during the shower and had just a tiny bit of blood – I was so excited, now I had an excuse to go call the doctor and go to the hospital.

We finished up the shower and called the doctor in the car on the way home.  They said to come on in to the hospital.

When we got there at about 7pm, they put us in a little room so they could check if I was in active labor.  It felt like forever till they got to me but I am guessing it was probably only 30 minutes or so.  I was 4cm dilated and in active labor!  Yay we were going to meet Rory today.  

That feeling of when they tell you are in labor is just indescribable.  Even though I had been pregnant for 36+ weeks I still didn’t believe it.  

So they quickly brought us to the L&D room and we met our nurse Nancy.  They asked if I wanted pain medicine and I was all over it.  I wanted the epidural ASAP!  I was so sick of the back pain.

They have to give you a full bag of fluid before they can give you the epidural so that took another 30 minutes.  The anesethioligist got there probably about 8pm.  He was great, he walked me through everything.  He told me exactly what I should be feeling and when.  You have some weird sensations as they are giving you the meds so I was glad he did this.

The next part is a blur.  The epidural kicked in quickly and I was feeling pretty good from about 9 to 10, then I started feeling the back pain again.  They checked me and I was at a 7, then checked again about 30 minutes later and I was at a 9.

Although Nurse Nancy had written up all of Rory’s paperwork for 9/15/11 and we had already googled famous people born on 9/15/11 – Rory had another plan.  She was going to try to beat the clock and come on 9/14.

First Photo of Rory
I started pushing at maybe around 11:15, the doctor got there around 11:30 and Rory Samara Husted was born at 11:45.  She was 6lbs 8oz and 19 inches long. 

She was 3 weeks, 1 day and 15 minutes early!

Rory was born with one hand by her ear and started crying before she was even fully born.  I was so glad, I was nervous for that moment between when she was born and when she started crying.  

They place her on my chest and I was just in awe.  How could this little human being have just been inside me?  (I look at her all the time now and still wonder this).  I think I said something like “What do I do now?”   They wisked her away to get a bunch of tests done.  The tests took a little while because they had a hard time getting her blood oxygen to work right – but in the end she was a healthy baby!

The next couple days are a blur, maybe I’ll give more info on the time in the hospital in a later blog.  All in all I think I had it pretty easy.  I did most of my laboring at home from Monday to Wednesday and the hospital part was rather quick.  There were only about 3 minutes in there that were just awful.  Tim said during this time I was mean to everyone in the room, but of course I don’t remember this. 

So there it is Rory’s birth story!  Now I feel like I can start blogging all about her!

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