Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back to the Doctor

Well, things have been quite crazy around here.  I thought Rors was getting over her cold but instead it had moved into her chest.  Monday night she was coughing a ton and I thought that it sounded pretty bad but she only woke up once overnight and was eating fine so I didn't think much of it.

But Tuesday I got a phone call from daycare that she was coughing so hard that she made herself throwup twice.  How awful.  Apparently she was in the swing and threw up all over herself.  Good thing she is only 6 months old, because man would that be embarassing.

So I didn't want to worry all night so I just took her into the doctor to be on the safe side.  They gave her a nebulizer treatment and it seemed to help so they sent us home with a nebulizer.  Poor little girl.  She screams for the first minute or so and then calms down and I actually think she likes it.  We have to give her treatments as needed for up to 14 days until her cough and chest congestion go away.  She just can't catch a break.  She has literally been sick since she started school on January 3rd.  I can't wait for her to experience what its like to not be coughing or sneezing or having a runny nose.  And it will be nice to one day put away the aspirator and the boogie wipes.

I can't beleive I am posting this photo because she looks so miserable (I don't look so happy myself), but this is Rory just starting a nebulizer treatment.

I by no means want to make Tim feel bad for being out of town but this is definitley one of those things that is better tackled by two parents.  Also, he is the more rational one of the two of us and could have talked me out of being upset from the getgo.  Thankfully, I have a sister-in-law that knows everything about nebulizers and made me feel much better about the whole process.  It does get easier each time we do it and since it makes her feel better and will help her get better faster its worth it.

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