Friday, March 30, 2012

Belly Laughs and Smizing

Holy Cow, Rory and I made each other laugh so hard yesterday that we cried!

Rory laughs a ton but this was by far the hardest I have ever heard her laugh, and in turn the hardest I have laughed with her.  It was one of those deep belly laughs, the ones that make tears roll down your face. (As a side note, my only lasting side-effect of my pregnancy is that I now produce tears more easily when I laugh. Weird right?)

She was getting ready to eat her oatmeal and green beans and she was hanging out in her high chair playing with some toys banging on the tray.  I decided to imitate her and bang on the tray just like her.  She thought it was hilarious.  I tried to capture it on video but I was too late.  Wow, she is such a fun baby!

For anyone who has ever watched even a minute of America's Next Top Model you have heard Tyra use the term smizing.  Smiling with your eyes.  Well, at 6 months old... Rory has got this down!  Even after the belly laughs stopped and her mouth was full of green beans she was smizing!

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