Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girls Weekend in Temecula

I got back from my trip on Monday.  We had a fantastic time.  I was so nervous before I went that I would miss Rory so much that I would be too distracted to have fun.  That was definitely not the case.  I was not a puddle.  Didn't even cry at all!  Wasn't even really sad.

Of course I missed Rory, but I was really enjoying a break.  It was so nice to go 4 days without changing a diaper or being spit up on and without singing a song about Elephants sitting on people.

I didn't even feel guitly that I wasn't a mess.

I did feel a little guilty that I didn’t feel guilty – how dumb is that.

I did try not to talk too much about Rory, I wanted to take a break from baby talk too.  I knew I would have to actively try not to talk about her since she has pretty much been my entire life for the last 6 months.  But it was hard.  Somehow she just always came up. 

I brought my computer to peek in on her sleeping at night through the video camera in her room.  I checked a couple of the nights and watched her sleep.  Not too much though, and it did make me feel better to see she was safe in her crib.

I think part of the reason I was so comfortable is because Tim is such a hands-on Dad.  Although I had to make him a schedule for the weekend - including a photo of what the consistency of the cereal should be - I was confident that he would be fine all weekend.  I was actually excited for him to spend some quality time with Rory and get to know some of the things that I do as a parent on a regular basis.  When one of us is away it reminds you how much easier it is to parent as a team.  Makes you appreciate the other one so much!

A little about our trip...  Ellen, Anne and I met Krista at the San Diego airport.  We decided to immediately go to Coronado beach.  It was beautiful.  I had been there before on vacation but it was 7+ years ago.  We walked the beach a little bit and headed to town for dinner.

At Costa Azul in Coronado

This is what a girls weekend
fridge looks like

We then made the long trek to our house in Temecula.  We met Laura our landlady at the house.  She was such a ditz and so funny.  She gave us a tour of the house and literally explained what every light switch did.  This was the weirdest house ever.  It looked like it was once a 1 bedroom home that they converted to 2.  The second bedroom had a door that went to the back deck and the 2nd bathroom was in what should have been a mud room.  There was huge backyard garden area with a pool but there was random stuff laying around like screwdrivers and there was broken things everywhere.  It was very strange, but it worked perfectly for us!  We went to the store and stocked up for the weekend.

Friday we did 4 wine tastings in just a few hours!  I really didn’t know that much about wine before this trip and I learned a ton.  I found out I definitely prefer the sweeter whites and I actually do like some Merlots!  My favorites are Champagne though.  If you ever see Wilson Creek Almond Champagne in a store buy it, its fantastic!

Saturday during the day we explored Old Temecula.  It’s a very cute wood front old west town.  We did an olive oil tasting and cheese tasting.  And we all spent ridiculous amounts of money on olive oil.  Saturday night was Mackenzie and Mike’s wedding.  It was so perfect.  Mackenzie looked beautiful and her dress was amazing.  Her friends and family were so much fun.  The wine did turn me into a Wooo girl at one point, which I am not too proud of.  But it was so much fun!

Me being a Wooooo girl, Anne was not a fan.

Us and the beautiful bride
Sunday we went horseback riding in the morning and then drove to Laguna Beach.  I was very disappointed that I did not run into any of the girls from the show.  Laguna was so pretty and we had a fun time!  I got to see Sara for a little bit, I usually only get to see her once a year so that was a treat!

Monday morning we all slept in pretty late, got ready and headed to the airport.  It was a great girls weekend!  I feel rejuvenated, well-rested and I feel like I can be a better Mom now.  I was so excited to come home and do the little things with Rory, like feed her squash and sing about animal noises.  It was definitely the break I needed!  Time to plan another girls trip for 6 months from now! 

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