Saturday, March 3, 2012

Always Sick

I haven't written in a few days, but honestly things have kind of been same old same old around here and I don't want to bore you with "nothing" posts just to post.

Yesterday we had a new experience...  I went in to feed Rory at 3:30am and her sheets were soaking wet.  She is a spitter-upper but this was absolutely drenched.  I kind of thought it was weird but figured she just spit up a lot.

So I fed her a bottle and she seemed fine but as soon as she sat up, it all came out.  I seriously didn't know that babies could even throw up, I thought spitting up was the worst of it.  I had to use her sleep sack to catch it all so she didn't throw up on our carpet or the chair.  I changed her and changed her sheets and I put her back to sleep.  I was thinking maybe she just wasn't hungry or I mixed her formula bad, it didn't occur to me that she could be sick.

But this happened again in the morning.  Tim had her all packed up and ready to go and bleghhhhh all over the kitchen table.  Under the place mats and everything.  Gross.

So we kept her home from school for only the second day since she started daycare.  We picked up some Pedialyte on the doctor's recommendation.  She loved the orange flavor!  And we just slowly worked food back into her over the day.  She didn't have any more issues all day and today she is definitely feeling better.

By far the hardest things about sending Rory to daycare has been the constant colds and illness.  She has already had RSV.  She has pretty much had a cold since she started 2 months ago.  Her nose is always stuffy and she always has a little bit of a cough.  And now she has had a stomach bug.

I don't think there has been a day in the last 2 months that we haven't used the aspirator on her.  (Or as Tim mistakenly calls it all the time - the aerator).  By the way, if you have a new baby or are having a baby, buy the battery aspirator it is so much better then the other one.

Cleaning out her nose can either go one of two ways.  Sometimes she grabs the aspirator and helps us and smiles the whole time.  And sometime she screams at the absolute top of her lungs and fights every second of it.  It really does take 2 of us to hold her down sometimes when she is screaming and flailing and fighting it, not fun.

I am always excited for spring, but this year I am extra excited so that hopefully Rory can feel what it like to not be sick!

Rory sick - doesn't seem to bother her too much.

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