Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Night at the Oscar’s

Last night we had our first “after-school” event.  It was an open house with the theme A Night at the Oscar’s.  Missy and Nicki (the directors) did a fantastic job planning the event.  For dinner they had cheeseburgers, dirt cake, and chips.  They had a cute little photo studio set up for the kids to dress up and take pictures.  And they had a room set up to watch movies with a popcorn machine.

I wasn’t sure if the family’s of the infants generally go to these things, but when I got to school at 4:30 and asked the teachers if we should stay, they pretty much begged me to stay.  Please, please stay… we want you guys to stay.  Turns out that I was the only parent of an infant that stayed late.  The turnout from the other rooms was pretty good though.

I sat in the infant room for about an hour hanging out with the 3 teachers, Rory and a bunch of other kids. 

Some revelations…

  1. Even Rory's teachers think that she laughs and smiles a ton.
  2. Rory is really silly, or maybe she just laughs at me because I am silly but none of the kids thought it was funny when I was making a stuffed lion jump around.
  3. Rory loves to watch the older kids play.
  4. Other parents don’t try all of the baby food like I do.  Sweet potatoes are my favorite.
  5. Her teachers are a bad judge of age – they thought I was 25 and Tim was 28.
On a side note – Rory is going to grow up thinking that lions say her name.  I always tell her that lions go Roaaarrrrr - y! 

After we hung out in Rory’s room we went and got her picture taken.  She did not like the boa or the top hat I put on her.  They got a couple other pictures before I got my camera out, but here is the only one I got.

I was hoping to meet some of the other infant’s parents but I think we’ll have to wait until she is in the older classroom for that.  But all in all it was fun to hang out at school and get to know Rory’s teachers a little better.  They are so terrific.  I am so grateful that Rory loves school and has teachers that care about her and work with her so much on her development.  We couldn’t be happier there.

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