Friday, March 23, 2012

Not so little anymore!

Today was Rory's 6 month check up!  She went in to her check up with a nasty cold - fever, stuffy nose and cough but they were still able to check her out and give her all of her shots.

When they gave her the 2 shots in the thigh, she did the scary silent crying thing where she stops breathing for a second. 

I think I picked her up too fast when this happened because when I picked her up she was limp in my arms.  The nurse told me to breath into her mouth so that she doesn't pass out.  As soon as she said this Rory caught her breath.  She didn't pass out and recovered quickly.  It totally freaked me out though.  The nurse said that they have babies pass out because of the silent screaming thing.  Whoa, scary!

I like our doctor more everytime we see her.  She is young and pretty and very nice.  She remember us, or at least pretends too, which is important to me.  Although I know Rory is doing great, its always great to hear it from a professional.  She told me to baby proof now, lower Rory's crib now and that if Rory rolls over in the middle of the night to let her sleep on her tummy (which I was, but great to hear).  She said we can start trying to phase out the overnight bottle (yes!).  And the thing that astounded me the most was that she said we can start trying puffs in about a month!  Wow, puffs... thats for big babies, not my little Rory.

Rory has grown so much.  Rory was born 3 weeks, 1 day and 15 minutes early.  She seemed pretty tiny when she was born, although she was 6lbs 8oz which I think is pretty normal even at full term.  (I do still wonder how big she would have been at full term - 8lbs?) 

She did drop some weight at the hospital and left at about 6lbs.  I think what made her look so small is that she had a tiny little head.  It was 12 3/4 inches which is in the 5th percentile.  She earned the standard tiny baby nickname...little peanut.

She wore newborn clothes well past the first month, she wore 0-3 months past 4 months.  The first size that she has moved up on time is 3-6 months.  She is just a week over 6 months and I am having to retire most of her 3-6 month sizes!  Its really exciting.

Today at her 6 month appointment Dr. Shaefer said she has officially overcome the 3+ weeks that she was early!  Really exciting!

So I don't really care if Rory is big or small or tall or short.  I only care that she is healthy and that she is Rory!  But I am posting her 6 month check up stats because I am just so proud that she has grown so much and caught up to her age!  We worked so hard the first few weeks to help teach her how to eat and help her gain weight that its just amazing to see her reach this point.

Notice that her head is now in the 75th percentile, yes from the 5th percentile at birth.  When I commented on this to the Dr. she said, "well, your husband has a pretty big head."   I just about died laughing. 

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