Sunday, March 11, 2012

Post Script on My Weekend

I had every intent to post an update each day.... but I'll be honest; it has been tough to find the time.

Before I go too far let me get a few things out of the way...
Rory and Knowledge (the Pillow)

  1. There is no doubt being a single parent is difficult.  
  2. I don't want to act like my 5 days alone with Rory is anything compared to the challenges that many parents/families deal with in their lives; I know I have it very easy and don't take it for granted. 
  3. I realize that on Wednesday the game switches and Erica has to go 5 nights while I go on my annual religious pilgrimage. 

So here is the deal, Rory and I have had a blast and in so many ways this has forced me to learn how to do things I don't have to do regularly and experience the full parenting experience.  It has helped me to see that in the current split of responsibilities between Erica and I that I have some of the easier stuff and that having the second person makes other stuff a lot easier (bed time processes for example).

But I got it all done.  The trick is that I just keep going...  When she sleeps I clean or eat my own meals.  When she is awake, I change diapers (tons of them), feed her (a lot), clean up spit up, change her clothes, change my clothes, do her laundry, do my laundry, give her a bath, take my shower by Noon (Pop Rule)....  and all the time sing songs, play games and entertain her or make sure she is entertaining herself.

But it wasn't all work either...

Rory and I hanging out in bed!

  • We did get a few field trips in to the stores on Thursday night and Sunday.   
  • I did go host a hitting clinic in Ellsworth, WI and Miss Coleen watched her for 8 hours on Saturday. 
  • We did watch the Selection Show with Rick and Matthew Donegan via Skype
  • We did follow Willow around for an 30 mins just to see what she would do
  • We did get into a bar fight at McGillies over if Detroit can beat Kansas tonight
  • She went to daycare on Thursday and Friday and will again tomorrow
  • We did get an hour this morning to just hang out in bed and laugh at each other's jokes  

There were some challenges, she did not adjust well to daylight saving time.  She was goofed up today in when she wanted to eat, wake up etc and she was really tired, crabby tonight.... it was stressful.

She had 1 great night of sleep; 1 Pretty good night of sleep, 1 bad night of sleep and hoping tonight goes OK as I have to work in the morning and have a ton of stuff I need to get done.

She flipped over a lot more than usual both in bed and when she was playing in her gym thing, I felt like I had to flip her back over a lot more than normal; she needs to learn how to get herself back on her back soon I think.... or I have to train Willow to flip her over.

We had a slight meltdown at Southdale Mall and I didn't have my normal pass to help calm her down; had to use hugs and snuggles.

I gagged through feeding her veggies each day and we had one poop that I caught myself crying it smelled so bad; she laughed.

So it is just before 10:00 PM on Sunday; I have about 15 mins of work to get ready for the night feedings and the morning.  So I'll go upstairs now and start the process and get to bed.   One more day (Erica gets home after Rory is in bed tomorrow night if I do it right).

But here is the most amazing part, I was thinking about something tonight.  Last year on this night; I stayed up till 3:30 AM working on March Madness planning and data analysis.  Everyone who said that Rory would change everything was right.  The part they forgot to tell me was that 99% of the change would be for the better.

I'm so glad I got my weekend with Rory 1x1.  I'm also so glad Erica got time away to relax and just get away from the stress of being Mom.   I've said it from the beginning but I love being Rory's daddy!

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  1. I am pretty sure the selection show was her highlight.