Monday, March 19, 2012

Tummy Sleeping

Just when I thought we were in a good sleep routine, we have a new challenge.

Since we did “sleep training” a few weeks ago, Rory has been putting herself to sleep for naps, for bedtime and after her overnight feeding without much fuss.

Sometime after the overnight feeding she talks to herself for 20 minutes before falling asleep, but its not crying so I’ll take it!  If she does cry, its for like 5 minutes and the she is fast asleep.

While I was in California, Rory learned how to roll over!  She still cheats a bit by grabbing the play mat and pulling herself over or using the bars on her crib.  But I have seen her roll over without help too.

Within about 10 minutes of putting her down for bed, she flips over and sleeps on her tummy.

It’s such a nerve racking thing for me, I think it’s because they drill into your head (which they should) at the hospital, at classes, in books, etc that Back is Best.  I read the pediatricians little manual and I googled it and everything says as soon as she is strong enough to roll over she can sleep on her tummy but to still put them down on their back.  But still…it makes me nervous.

I know logically there is no point of flipping her back to her back, but its so tempting.  It's pointless, she would just flip right back over.  But still…I am such a worrier.

It’s been 3 nights now of tummy sleeping, hopefully after a week or so I’ll get more comfortable with it and not worry so much.  I am excited to take her for her 6 month check up on Friday so that I can hear from yet another source that its safe to let her sleep on her tummy when she rolls over.

You have to admit though, she looks darn cute sleeping on her tummy!  Sometimes she even stick her butt up like a big baby!

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