Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Weekend with Bubbe and Michael

This weekend my Mom and Michael were visiting Rory and I.  While Tim is living it up in the Sports Book in Vegas! 

Our weekend was cut short but we still made the most of it and had a really fun time on Friday.

We picked up Rory at school and my Mom got to meet all of the teachers and take a peek around.  I was excited to get her approval since she was a preschool teacher and owned a preschool for many many years.  She loved the teachers and directors and was excited that Rory was enjoying school so much.

We then went to Excelsior for a day of shopping!  We ate at Maynard’s.  My parents loved it.  Rory was in a great mood and having fun with Bubbe!

We shopped at all the stores.  I did learn that some of the stores are definitely not made for a stroller.  I had to unstrap Rory and take her out and hold her to walk around some of the stores.  My stroller is huge, but seriously no strollers would have fit through some of these stores.  (Note to boutiquey store owners – if you want Mommy business make sure there is room for strollers!)

After a fun filled day of shopping we went home.  My mom helped me feed, bathe and put Rory to sleep.  It was nice to have someone to go through the routine with.

Saturday they took an emergency flight home.  Michael’s mom was in the ICU.  Thank God, last I heard on Sunday she was doing much better.  But at the time the choice was simple and they hopped on the first flight home.

I was a little bummed but of course they had to go.  I was also pretty mad later on Saturday when I realized I didn’t take a single picture while they were here.

I carried on Saturday as if my Mom was still in town, and Rory and I went shopping all day!  We had so much fun.  I got new sunglasses, new makeup and new face cleanser (That’s what you get for going out of town Tim!).

Rory after a day of shopping at Macy's

The weekend turned out a little different then I expected but I was still thrilled my Mom got to see Rory.  She said something really nice to me, “Keep doing what you are doing. Because that is one happy baby.”  Is there really anything more you want for your child then to be happy!

PS – Michael needs a grandpa name, I’ve been calling him G Mike for Grandpa Michael.  Feel free to suggest one!

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