Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Not All Smiles

It may seem like Rory is always smiling based on the photos that I post on Facebook and on this blog.  And overall Rory really is a very happy baby.  But she has her moments where she cries.  Usually its because she is tired.  Everything else she kind of just lets roll off her back.

From the moment Rory was born she made the cutest facial expression when she cried.  It may make me a horrible Mom, but I just had to capture it and share it with the world.

I just can't help it, that face is just hysterical!  And yet so cute!  But so sad!  Here is after I calmed her down, probably less then a minute later. It was about 7pm, time to get ready for bed.

Look at those crocodile tears!  She has had them since birth.  

PS - is my daughter really going to have blue eyes?  I just can't believe it!

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