Monday, April 9, 2012

Rory's First Easter

This weekend was Rory's first Easter!  Sunday we went to a super early Mass.  We actually had to wake Rory up at 6:30am which is pretty rare.  Normally she wakes us up in the morning.  She got to wear a super pretty dress.  I was so excited to get to church and see all of the other pretty little dresses.  Maybe it was the weather, but I was pretty disappointed at the general dress of the crowd.  Lots of dark colors and not a lot of dresses.  There was however no shortage of way too short skirts on way too young girls.  (Sorry Rory, but daddy is never ever going to let you leave the house like that when your older)

We sat in the crying room.  Which is new to me.  I don't think they have this concept at Temples, but then again I went to to Temple growing up at the High School so what do I know.  Its a pretty sweet set up at Tim's church though.  Its 4 rows in the back with a perfect view in a sound proof room.  There's plently of room to lay out a blanket and let Rory play on the floor and there is a bathroom with a changing table.  Rory did really well.  This was really her first time at church.  She started to get a little upset in the last 10 minutes when she was getting tired and her Tylenol (teething) was starting to wear off.

After Church we had a little time to kill before brunch so we went home.  Rory was exhausted but there wasn't really enough time to put her down for a nap.  We left the house again and headed to brunch at Birch's in Wayzata.  Its a small little place.  They had a fantastic brunch set up.  All the normal stuff and then cerviche, mussels, prime rib, tilapia.  It was good.  Rory was so good.  She ate some pears and enjoyed sitting at the table and playing with the paper table cloth. 

Of course when we got home from brunch Rory was read for a nap.  I put her down at 11:30 and she slept till 2:30.  That is a super long nap! 

Next Rory got to watch the Master's with us and look for her Easter basket.  I did not realize the tradition was to hide the Easter basket and kids had to find it.  Much better reward then when you find the Afikoman!  In my family we only got $5 for finding the Afikoman, Rory got a basket full of candy, toys and teethers. 

To add to our great day, the Master's was a great compelling ending.  And my 2 favorite golfers (Bubba and Poults) were both in it almost to the end.  Bubba Watson won, I am so pumped!

After Rory went to sleep, I made Easter dinner.  Ham, potatoes, green beans and corn bread.  It was pretty good.  I am getting much closer to replicating my Meme's potatoes. 

Overall, we had a fun day.  Hope everyone else's was great too.  Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

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  1. One minor correction, when you were gone; Rory went to church with me....