Monday, April 30, 2012

Young Child Appreciation Week

Last week was Week of the Young Child at Rory's school.  This is actually kind of a real thing.  Its sponsored by NAEYC which is the organization that accredits Rory's school.  The purpose is to focus attention on the needs of young children and their parents and teachers.

The directors did a good job of planning a fun filled week.  Monday was sports apparel day, which lets face it is nothing special for Rory.  She wears sports apparel all the time.  But we sent her in her Yankee's dress.

Tuesday was teacher appreciation day which was a great opportunity for us to let our teacher's know how much we love them.  We gave them all Amazon gift cards.  We couldn't be happier with them and we know they just love Rory so we were excited to do something special for them.   Rory wore super cute cat pajamas and brought her favorite bedtime story "You are My Cupcake."

Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday and I got to dress Rory in a crazy mismatched outfit!  It was also parent appreciation day and they had breakfast for us.  The two different socks is my favorite part.

Thursday was bring your favorite stuffed animal to school day.  This was a tough one for me.  I wanted to send Smoochalito the frog but he was mine as a kid (more like teenager, but whatever) so I couldn't bear the though of something happening to him.  Selfish Mom, I know.  So I sent her with her second favorite, her doggie.

Friday was rockstar day.  Rory really got into this role!

The teachers dressed up each day too so it was fun to see them dressed all silly and having fun.  It was a fun week for everyone! 

Now, here's to hoping that this week I can finally dress her in all the summer outfits I got her!

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