Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random things

I have been holding off saying this in fear that I am going to jinx it.  But I think its happened enough nights in a row that I am safe.  I think I can officially say that Rory sleeps through the night!  There might be a night here or there where she still wakes up at 3am, but almost every night for the last 3 weeks she has slept from 7:30 to 5am.

This is Rory sleeping as I type this.
  Yesterday we went to Canterbury with Rory for the first time.  I had this thought that she would laugh and smile when she saw the horses but she really could care less.  She kind of just chilled in her stroller all day and splashed in a cup of water.  She likes to play with ice.

When we got home she fell right asleep in bed next to me for about an hour.

Then when she woke up she was really upset.  She cried for quite some time and really worked herself up.  We took her temperature and it was 104.3.  I started freaking out, but rational Tim did not.  He gave her a bath right away and calmed her down and her temp instantly dropped to under 101.  I think it was just the combination of the heat and crying and maybe a little dehydration.  We gave her some pedialyte and tylenol.  We woke up every couple of hours to take her temp and she hovered right around 101.

She stayed home from school with Tim today and her fever finally broke early morning.  Boy was I scared last night though.

While home with Daddy, he taught her a new skill!  Rory can now clap!

I am all over super trendy baby things right now.  Especially when they are affordable.  I found 2 things recently I love.

The first are Babiators.  I saw them on the Ellen show and ordered 2 pair and they are so cute.  They look like real sunglasses, not Hello Kitty sunglasses they sell in Target.  They are super bendable and actually have UV protection.  Love them.
The second is the web site BabyLegs.  I ordered 4 pairs of leggings for Rory at $5 a piece.  They are so cute.  She hasn't worn them yet.  Photos to come!

UPDATE: As promised... BabyLegs!

I was running out the door and
didn't have time to get her to cooperate!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Milestones... more like Marathonstones

Over and over again people tell me that "before you know it Rory will be crawling" or in the last couple of months it was rolling over or sitting up.  People always say one day it just "happens".  Well, I am here to tell you that this is absolutely not true.  At least not for Rory.

Each milestone has been a lot of work.  And each one has been a slow progression of learning to master the new physical development.  Building up the muscle.  Figuring out how to move her body to do what she wants it to do.

Rolling over was probably the first big milestone.  From the time we saw Rory start to think about rolling over to the time she actually rolled over effortlessly it was probably over 8 weeks.  Same with sitting up.  We had to support her sitting for a long time and then even after she could balance for a minute or two on her own, she would still fall over every once in a while.  Even today every once and a while she will reach a little too far and lose her balance.

Right now Rory is working on crawling.  At first I thought she was going to crawl early because she would get up and rock on all 4's before she was 7 months old.  Now she is still up there rocking.  She has slowly started to move her knees a bit.  But I have learned my lesson to think that the milestone is right around the corner.  I am thinking it might be another month before she is really crawling.  I am slowly starting to see the desire grow to explore beyond what is in her reach.

I am thinking pulling herself up and walking will follow the same pattern.

Let me be clear once again, that I don't care in the slightest if Rory hits these milestones "on time" or not.  I want her to develop at her own pace with no pressure, only support.  I just think its funny how people tell you that these milestone will happen suddenly but yet they really are a very slow progression. 

I love every moment of watching her figure it out.  Its fun to see her concentrate so hard on moving forward.  Not so fun to see her get frustrated when she can't figure it out.  But fun again to see her figure out an alternate way - turn 90 degerees and roll.

I think this is one of those things that make being a mother amazing.  You get to see the day to day progress and get so excited for every little step forward.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi, I Eat Turkey Now!

At first I thought Rory didn't like deli meat.  But the second time I gave it to her she couldn't get enough.  It was amazing how determined she was to pick up each piece.  That little thumb and finger were working overtime. 

The best is when she grabs a cheerio and a piece of turkey at the same time.  Yum turkey cheerios.  She seems to love it though.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playing Favorites

Oh Rory, how easily Daddy become's your favorite parent. 

Monday I had golf and Tuesday I had dinner with the girls so I haven't spend much time with Rory this week.  Maybe 30 minutes on Monday and no time yesterday. 

So Rory and Tim have spent a lot of time together.  They played and laughed and practiced crawling.  Rory went to happy hour last night.  Tim reported that she did great! 

This morning I popped out of bed, excited to spend a little extra time with Rors in the morning before I took her to school.  When I went in her room to grab her she was hitting her pacifiers together and laughing.  We keep one at each end of the crib and somehow she always ends up with both in her hands in the morning. 

As soon a I picked her up she seemed grumpy.  Like she was mad at me.  Maybe she just doesn't like my haircut.  Or it could be her teeth hurting.  I tried to make her laugh and smile... nothing.  I brought her in to play with Tim while I showered and as soon as she saw him she lit up.  They cuddled and played while I was getting ready.  She was talkative and fun and in great mood! 

When I was all ready to go, I grabbed her to go get ready and she was grumpy again.  Is she seriously mad at me for not spending time with her.  Sad.  I fed her and got her dressed for the day and tried to take some photos of her cute new shirt but she was just not smiley for me.  (cutest shirt ever, right?)

When I brought her into school she cheered up a bit.  Of course I was bouncing her and making fun noises to get her to smile, but I'll take it.

How quickly her favorite parent changes.  I am glad she is spending quality time with Tim after he has been out of town for the last couple of weeks.  But still.  I am looking forward to winning back her favor after school/work. 

PS - Rory slept 11 hours straight last night for only the 2nd time ever!  I slept 8 hours straight without waking once for the first time in 8 months!  I feel so refreshed!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mama Day!

Like most 8 month olds, Rory only says Dada.  I have been telling her for weeks that she should say Mama for the first time on Mother’s day.  But no such luck.  She is still only saying Dada.  Which in reality I don’t think she associates with anything; it’s just the only word that comes out. But still...

I had a great first Mother’s Day anyway!  Tim, Rory and I met up with Kristina and George at the Susan B. Komen 5K walk.  I have done the run a few times (it was actually my first 5K run in 2008) but this was the first time I was doing the walk.  It’s always very uplifting to see so many people come together to support a cure for breast cancer, and also very humbling to remember that Mother’s day isn't a happy day for everyone.  The ‘In Celebration’ and ‘In Memory’ signs on the walker’s backs get to me every year.

Rory was all set in her Under Armour running outfit.  But she was fast asleep before mile one.  This was perfect because the walk was right over her naptime.

After the walk we hit Mall of America.  The goal was to find me a Mother’s Day gift.  I wanted a right-hand ring with Sapphires for Rory’s birthstone. 

First Tim stopped at Bath and Body Works and although he went in for a summer cologne he somehow came out with 5 colognes, a whole spring collection of soaps and stuff for me and a free bag.  He saved more then he spent!  It was pretty funny.

We also made a stop at the Peep store.  It’s amazing if you have never been there.  I don’t even like Peep’s but the chocolate covered ones are pretty good!  We bought Rory some Peep Stuffed Animals.  They are awesome. 

We found a beautiful ring for me.  I am super lucky.  What a fantastic gift. I wanted something that I can wear everyday that will make me think of Rory.  And this exceeds what I was picturing.

We went to Friday’s after the mall.  We were all exhausted and hungry.

Overall it was a fantastic Mother’s Day!  I had so much fun and loved spending the day with Tim and Rory. 

I was a little bummed that I couldn’t spend the day with my Mom.  It really does still feel like a day to celebrate what a great Mom she is.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mama's out there!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Really Gross Week

This was kind of a crazy week.

I don't want to gross anyone out so I'll try to tone down the yucky parts.  But honestly its going to be hard because there were a lot of them.  Plus, one day Rory is going to be pretty embarassed about this post.  But Blogs are for sharing everything, right?

Tuesday Rory developed a nasty diaper rash.  This is her first one and it is a doozy.  It was from excessively going #2 (see numbers are less gross).  I felt so bad.  She would scream everytime it was touched.  They told me at daycare that often times this is a sign of teething and since she is almost 8 months and has no teeth I felt pretty confident they were right.  I did the research and although doctors won't admit a correlation between diaper rash and teething, most Mom's say this is a real thing.

Tuesday night things got grosser.  Rory was just not interested in solid food.  But I thought she was just tired and being crabby so I made her eat a few bites.  Well, she showed me.  She threw up everywhere while I was giving her a bottle in her room.  I googled teething symptoms and still found some sites that said babies will stress themselves out so much while getting teeth they will actually make themselves throw up.  It was only once and she didn't have a fever so I let it go and she kept her food down for another 24 hours.

Again on Wednesday she didn't want to eat dinner.  This time I took her cues and didn't make her eat.  But halfway threw her bottle she threw up again.  This time on my living room couch.  Yuck.

Then yesterday when I picked her up from daycare they said she wasn't being herself and wouldn't eat her carrots at lunch.  On the way home from school, she threw up everywhere.  In the car.  On herself.  I had to pull over and strip her down and clean off everything the best I could before finishing the drive home.  Didn't even try solids for dinner.

Nasty.  Good thing I had some prep for dealing with this.  Thank you drunk friends!

I have a call into the doctor now.  It just seems like 3 times over 3 days is too much to be throwing up.  Even if it is just teething I want them to tell me that.  Poor Rory, teeth hurt, butt hurts and can't keep her dinner down.  Its been a little rought at the Husted house.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Star of the Month

Look who is the Star of the Month for May in the Infant Room!

You can't see this too well but the text says things like:
"My favorite food is Puffs" & "My family is Mommy, Daddy, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and Cousin Annie and Alex"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Derby Party

Saturday we had a bunch of people over to watch the Kentucky Derby.  It ended up being 23 total which I was pretty surprised all fit into my house.  We had a few traditional Kentucky Derby dishes.  Bourbon Balls, which are pretty much bourbon flavored frosting dipped in chocolate.  Kentucky Derby Pie, which is pretty much chocolate chips, walnuts and bourbon And Baby Hot Browns.  These were fantastic.  They were a cheese and turkey mixture on cocktail rye with bacon, parmesan cheese and tomatoes.  Definitely making those again!  And of course we hand mint juleps! 

Rory could not have been more fun at the party.  She was playful and happy.  She did often sound like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Her new favorite sound is something she does in her throat that sounds like a dinosaur.  Something like Echhhhhhhhhh.  It pretty hysterical, she definitely thinks so.

She has a fun time playing with Calvin.  She made funny noises and he stared at her like she was crazy.  (Hey, you make funny noises sometime too Calvin!)  Then they played I take the frog from you, you take the frog from me, repeat.  Its fun to watch them grow up together and start to interact and play together more and more.

We had a $10 pool.  Everyone got a slip of paper with a horse on it.  We picked randomly from a hat.  Tim bought us 3.  One for me, one for Tim and one for Rory.  I wrote her name on the back of her horse.  And guess what.  She won!  Her first Derby and she won $200.  She has one proud Daddy!  I did feel pretty bad about inviting everyone over and taking their money, but she won fair and square!

You probably already saw this on Facebook but Rory rocked her Derby hat!  Fun times!