Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Derby Party

Saturday we had a bunch of people over to watch the Kentucky Derby.  It ended up being 23 total which I was pretty surprised all fit into my house.  We had a few traditional Kentucky Derby dishes.  Bourbon Balls, which are pretty much bourbon flavored frosting dipped in chocolate.  Kentucky Derby Pie, which is pretty much chocolate chips, walnuts and bourbon And Baby Hot Browns.  These were fantastic.  They were a cheese and turkey mixture on cocktail rye with bacon, parmesan cheese and tomatoes.  Definitely making those again!  And of course we hand mint juleps! 

Rory could not have been more fun at the party.  She was playful and happy.  She did often sound like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Her new favorite sound is something she does in her throat that sounds like a dinosaur.  Something like Echhhhhhhhhh.  It pretty hysterical, she definitely thinks so.

She has a fun time playing with Calvin.  She made funny noises and he stared at her like she was crazy.  (Hey, you make funny noises sometime too Calvin!)  Then they played I take the frog from you, you take the frog from me, repeat.  Its fun to watch them grow up together and start to interact and play together more and more.

We had a $10 pool.  Everyone got a slip of paper with a horse on it.  We picked randomly from a hat.  Tim bought us 3.  One for me, one for Tim and one for Rory.  I wrote her name on the back of her horse.  And guess what.  She won!  Her first Derby and she won $200.  She has one proud Daddy!  I did feel pretty bad about inviting everyone over and taking their money, but she won fair and square!

You probably already saw this on Facebook but Rory rocked her Derby hat!  Fun times!

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  1. Rory, you look adorable in your little (big) hat! Ask your Dad about a Derby year involving a pink horse, or two, or three...you and I would make a good gambling team!