Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mama Day!

Like most 8 month olds, Rory only says Dada.  I have been telling her for weeks that she should say Mama for the first time on Mother’s day.  But no such luck.  She is still only saying Dada.  Which in reality I don’t think she associates with anything; it’s just the only word that comes out. But still...

I had a great first Mother’s Day anyway!  Tim, Rory and I met up with Kristina and George at the Susan B. Komen 5K walk.  I have done the run a few times (it was actually my first 5K run in 2008) but this was the first time I was doing the walk.  It’s always very uplifting to see so many people come together to support a cure for breast cancer, and also very humbling to remember that Mother’s day isn't a happy day for everyone.  The ‘In Celebration’ and ‘In Memory’ signs on the walker’s backs get to me every year.

Rory was all set in her Under Armour running outfit.  But she was fast asleep before mile one.  This was perfect because the walk was right over her naptime.

After the walk we hit Mall of America.  The goal was to find me a Mother’s Day gift.  I wanted a right-hand ring with Sapphires for Rory’s birthstone. 

First Tim stopped at Bath and Body Works and although he went in for a summer cologne he somehow came out with 5 colognes, a whole spring collection of soaps and stuff for me and a free bag.  He saved more then he spent!  It was pretty funny.

We also made a stop at the Peep store.  It’s amazing if you have never been there.  I don’t even like Peep’s but the chocolate covered ones are pretty good!  We bought Rory some Peep Stuffed Animals.  They are awesome. 

We found a beautiful ring for me.  I am super lucky.  What a fantastic gift. I wanted something that I can wear everyday that will make me think of Rory.  And this exceeds what I was picturing.

We went to Friday’s after the mall.  We were all exhausted and hungry.

Overall it was a fantastic Mother’s Day!  I had so much fun and loved spending the day with Tim and Rory. 

I was a little bummed that I couldn’t spend the day with my Mom.  It really does still feel like a day to celebrate what a great Mom she is.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mama's out there!

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