Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playing Favorites

Oh Rory, how easily Daddy become's your favorite parent. 

Monday I had golf and Tuesday I had dinner with the girls so I haven't spend much time with Rory this week.  Maybe 30 minutes on Monday and no time yesterday. 

So Rory and Tim have spent a lot of time together.  They played and laughed and practiced crawling.  Rory went to happy hour last night.  Tim reported that she did great! 

This morning I popped out of bed, excited to spend a little extra time with Rors in the morning before I took her to school.  When I went in her room to grab her she was hitting her pacifiers together and laughing.  We keep one at each end of the crib and somehow she always ends up with both in her hands in the morning. 

As soon a I picked her up she seemed grumpy.  Like she was mad at me.  Maybe she just doesn't like my haircut.  Or it could be her teeth hurting.  I tried to make her laugh and smile... nothing.  I brought her in to play with Tim while I showered and as soon as she saw him she lit up.  They cuddled and played while I was getting ready.  She was talkative and fun and in great mood! 

When I was all ready to go, I grabbed her to go get ready and she was grumpy again.  Is she seriously mad at me for not spending time with her.  Sad.  I fed her and got her dressed for the day and tried to take some photos of her cute new shirt but she was just not smiley for me.  (cutest shirt ever, right?)

When I brought her into school she cheered up a bit.  Of course I was bouncing her and making fun noises to get her to smile, but I'll take it.

How quickly her favorite parent changes.  I am glad she is spending quality time with Tim after he has been out of town for the last couple of weeks.  But still.  I am looking forward to winning back her favor after school/work. 

PS - Rory slept 11 hours straight last night for only the 2nd time ever!  I slept 8 hours straight without waking once for the first time in 8 months!  I feel so refreshed!

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