Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random things

I have been holding off saying this in fear that I am going to jinx it.  But I think its happened enough nights in a row that I am safe.  I think I can officially say that Rory sleeps through the night!  There might be a night here or there where she still wakes up at 3am, but almost every night for the last 3 weeks she has slept from 7:30 to 5am.

This is Rory sleeping as I type this.
  Yesterday we went to Canterbury with Rory for the first time.  I had this thought that she would laugh and smile when she saw the horses but she really could care less.  She kind of just chilled in her stroller all day and splashed in a cup of water.  She likes to play with ice.

When we got home she fell right asleep in bed next to me for about an hour.

Then when she woke up she was really upset.  She cried for quite some time and really worked herself up.  We took her temperature and it was 104.3.  I started freaking out, but rational Tim did not.  He gave her a bath right away and calmed her down and her temp instantly dropped to under 101.  I think it was just the combination of the heat and crying and maybe a little dehydration.  We gave her some pedialyte and tylenol.  We woke up every couple of hours to take her temp and she hovered right around 101.

She stayed home from school with Tim today and her fever finally broke early morning.  Boy was I scared last night though.

While home with Daddy, he taught her a new skill!  Rory can now clap!

I am all over super trendy baby things right now.  Especially when they are affordable.  I found 2 things recently I love.

The first are Babiators.  I saw them on the Ellen show and ordered 2 pair and they are so cute.  They look like real sunglasses, not Hello Kitty sunglasses they sell in Target.  They are super bendable and actually have UV protection.  Love them.
The second is the web site BabyLegs.  I ordered 4 pairs of leggings for Rory at $5 a piece.  They are so cute.  She hasn't worn them yet.  Photos to come!

UPDATE: As promised... BabyLegs!

I was running out the door and
didn't have time to get her to cooperate!

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