Friday, May 11, 2012

A Really Gross Week

This was kind of a crazy week.

I don't want to gross anyone out so I'll try to tone down the yucky parts.  But honestly its going to be hard because there were a lot of them.  Plus, one day Rory is going to be pretty embarassed about this post.  But Blogs are for sharing everything, right?

Tuesday Rory developed a nasty diaper rash.  This is her first one and it is a doozy.  It was from excessively going #2 (see numbers are less gross).  I felt so bad.  She would scream everytime it was touched.  They told me at daycare that often times this is a sign of teething and since she is almost 8 months and has no teeth I felt pretty confident they were right.  I did the research and although doctors won't admit a correlation between diaper rash and teething, most Mom's say this is a real thing.

Tuesday night things got grosser.  Rory was just not interested in solid food.  But I thought she was just tired and being crabby so I made her eat a few bites.  Well, she showed me.  She threw up everywhere while I was giving her a bottle in her room.  I googled teething symptoms and still found some sites that said babies will stress themselves out so much while getting teeth they will actually make themselves throw up.  It was only once and she didn't have a fever so I let it go and she kept her food down for another 24 hours.

Again on Wednesday she didn't want to eat dinner.  This time I took her cues and didn't make her eat.  But halfway threw her bottle she threw up again.  This time on my living room couch.  Yuck.

Then yesterday when I picked her up from daycare they said she wasn't being herself and wouldn't eat her carrots at lunch.  On the way home from school, she threw up everywhere.  In the car.  On herself.  I had to pull over and strip her down and clean off everything the best I could before finishing the drive home.  Didn't even try solids for dinner.

Nasty.  Good thing I had some prep for dealing with this.  Thank you drunk friends!

I have a call into the doctor now.  It just seems like 3 times over 3 days is too much to be throwing up.  Even if it is just teething I want them to tell me that.  Poor Rory, teeth hurt, butt hurts and can't keep her dinner down.  Its been a little rought at the Husted house.

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