Friday, June 29, 2012

I Love Beet Salads!

Just to be clear, I am not a food blogger.  Nor am I good all.  I am not a food photographer either.  I just get really excited when I make a good recipe and it actually turns out.  And I want to share it with everyone who may read this (PS - you should follow my blog so I know someone reads it - click follow on the right)!  These are the beets from this weeks CSA box!  If you aren't a big beet person and have never had golden beets, you should try them.  They are a little bit more mild then red beets.  They are awesome!

When I was in Nashville last year with Ellen, we ate twice at an Findley's Irish Pub in our hotel.  I fell in love with the goat cheese beet salad that they had there.  I honestly have been craving it ever since.  I have tried to find it but haven't even come close.  This salad was the closest I have come.  It was so good!
Here's the recipe, it came in my newsletter from Food 4 Thought.  But I added the goat cheese!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daddy and Rory Swimming!

Yesterday Tim came to swim class for the first time so I got to take some pictures of them in the pool!  This is week 3 and she did much better.  She only cried a few times and it didn't last too long.  She even put her head under water for the first time.  Everyone cheered, it was cool.

We were in a hurry getting her ready, so yes her straps on her bathing suit are all messed up.  I didn't want to use my flash in there and I still have a point and shoot camera (hoping for a DSLR before Rory's birthday) so these aren't as crisp as I would like them.

Playing with the cups...

Rory does not like Miss Courtney at all.  So the fact that she isn't screaming here is amazing.

After going under water....

Just hanging out...

Staring down Miss Courtney...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Croup, Ear Ache and Teething... Oh My!

Yesterday was a tough day.  I'm usually not a super emotional person.  (Something I look at as a negative trait, not a positive one).  But yesterday I was just all over the place.  I got a call from daycare that Rory was really coughing a lot and it was causing her to have problems breathing.  She had also thrown up twice from coughing and was just having a really hard time.  She refused to each lunch too which is completely abnormal for her.

I finished what I was doing at work and raced over there.  I made a doctor appointment to bring her in. 

By the time I got there she had thrown up a third time and was just generally uncomfortable.  It was so sad to see my happy little girl just miserable.  For some reason it just hit me really hard.  I cried all the way to the doctor's office.  I tried not to show her I was upset but obviously she knew.  She coughed and gagged and struggled the whole way there.  It didn't help that she was exhausted, having a horrible nights sleept the night before and only taking a short nap at school.

We got to the doctor's office and she seemed to be a bit more comfortable in my arms.  She laid her head on my shoulder and was very subdued.  So unlike her.  I was really getting worried. 

They took her temperature, normal.  They took her blood oxygen.  They had a hard time getting a reading which has been the case since day 1 with her, but eventually it got up to 90 which is normal. 

The doctor checked her out and was worried about how her lungs sounded.  They determined she has Croup and also has an ear infection.  So they gave her a steriod shot which is supposed to drastically help with the Croup.  She prescribed antibiotics too (Rory's first time on antibiotics) which will help with both the ear infection and the Croup.  They also perscribed more albuterol for her nebulizer.  And told us to make sure we give her Ibuprofen or Tylenol to make her more comfortable.  Holy medications Batman!

But sure enough Rory slept through the night last night.  Pretty comfortably it seemed.  And she woke up this morning smiling and happy again!  Whew, what a releif!  She isn't 100% for sure, but she definitely has some color back in her face and was more active then the day before.  Her coughing has decreased and it seems less bothersome then the day before.

By the way, to top it all off the doctor said her top teeth are about to break through.  Poor girl has a lot going on in her little 21lb body.

I think part of the reason I was so upset was because this is her 4th lung related illness.  She has had RSV, Brochilitis twice and now Croup.  I was just so worried that something was wrong or that this is because she was over 3 weeks early.  But the doctor told me that this still falls within the realm of normal and that since she has healthy periods in between the sicknesses this isn't concerning to them at all.  That made sense to me and made me feel a ton better.

This morning when I dropped off Rory she was super loving.  She kept putting her head on me and smiling.  And she gave me a huge hug goodbye with a big smile.  She also crawled right across the room laughing with a toy in her hand.  They sat her down for breakfast and she went to town on her blueberry muffin.  Big sigh of relief.  She was happy and eating!

This is Rors yesterday before school.  You might not be able to tell but she doesn't look like her happy self in this picture.  I never have a problem getting her to smile for the camera and this was the best I could get out of her.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wittlebee Box #2

I am so loving this company.  Not only do I get super excited to get my Wittlebee box and open it (I track it like a hawk!) but they have an awesome community on Facebook.  Its so fun to see other people get their boxes and to see what they get.  They also have a great blog and are constantly updating on new brands they are carrying or enhancements they are making to their website.  It makes it exciting even while you are waiting for your next cycle to roll around.

I loved our box this month.  I definitely think this is even better then first box!

I think my favorite item might be the black leggings with the lace at the bottom, they are so cute.

Seriously, how cute is this little daisy skirt!  The yellow onesie is American Apparel.

And I love this little Gap Tunic!

If you are thinking about joining, use this referral code for $10 off your first box.  That's 8 items for $29.99 and you can cancel or suspend at any time.  Seriously such an awesome service!

Friday, June 22, 2012

That Looks so Uncomfortable!

Ever since Rory started crawling last Tuesday she has slept in the crawling position.  Well, with her chest down but her butt in the air.  It looks to uncomfortable.

I don't know how babies do that!  When I get her up in the morning her knees are red!  I guess she just wants to be ready to crawl at a moments notice.

This was her napping on Sunday.  Seriously look at how much space is between her hips and the mattress.  She was sound asleep!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day!

Tim had softball on Father's Day so unfortunately we didn't get to spend most of the day with him.  Instead we went to Applebee's for lunch and shopping at Target.  We did stand in the card aisle looking for a Father's day card while Rory said "Dada Dada" over and over.   It was a little ironic.  Strangers thought it was funny.  Little do they know its the only word she can really say, but whatever.

Tim got home around 4 so we were able so spend a few hours with him before Rory had to go to sleep and of course get some photos.  Unfortunately we really didn't get a good one of both of them.

and of course in this one Rory's expression is perfect and Tim's eyes are closed.  Her shirt says Daddy's #1 Draft pick.

I can't begin to tell you what a great father Tim is.  I always thought he would be a good Dad but somehow he is even better then I imagined.  He just loves Rory so much and is so good at making sure she knows that.  He's also great at getting on the floor and rolling around with her and turning her upside down as Daddy's do!  He hates being the bad guy but he will when he has to.  He's also great at letting me have some time with my friends or some "me" time and spending alone time with Rory.  Rory and I are both really lucky to have Tim for a Dad and husband!

Rory made Tim a footprint at daycare.  It was so clever.  They sent home paint, a paintbrush and the paper the Friday before.  I got Tim cufflinks with sapphires in them for Rory's birthstone so he can wear them to all of her special events throughout the years.  Overall I think it was a successful Father's Day!  Happy First Father's Day Tim!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Swim Class

I have always been a pretty good swimmer.  I took swim lessons as a kid with my Dad, at day camp and at overnight camp.  At one point I was even lifeguard certified.  I think swimming is a really important skill.  I wanted Rory to be comfortable in and around water so I decided to enroll her in swim classes.  Plus its something we can do together.

Rory had her first swim class last Wednesday.  I was so nervous that she was going to cry the whole time. And guess what, she pretty much did.

Granted she didn't have a great second nap so that could have been it.  But still, she was definitely freaking out.  We spent the whole 45 minutes in the water but we were off in the corner away from the other babies and parents.  Whenever we would try to rejoin the group she would flip out again.  One parent told me that her baby cried for the whole first 6 weeks.  That was supposed to make me feel better but really it just made me think: "Oh crap, Rory could cry another 5 weeks?!?!?"

Hoping next week is better!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Little Rebel

Two days in a row Rory has been boycotting napping.  She will not nap at school.  Instead she messes with the kid next to her and pulls out his pacifier.  He wears a helmet and she tried to pull it through the bars.  So not cool Rory!  Or she just sits up in her crib and claps, waking all the other babies up.  She also kicks the plastic on the crib which makes a ton of noise and wakes up everyone.  All of a sudden she is a little rebel.

They told me that today while she was supposed to be napping one of the teachers peeked in on her and Rory was sitting up in her crib.  Miss Colleen and Rory made eye contact and Rory layed down quickly as if she was caught doing something wrong.  Oh no.

I have no idea wear this is coming from.  She was such a good napper up until now.

Even at home she has been a little more rambunctious around bedtime then normal.  And especially in the morning.  She wakes up at 5am ready to go.  Its a lot harder to get her to go back to sleep when she can sit herself up too.  And once she sits up, all she wants to do is try to pull herself up.

We just lowered Rory's crib tonight. She can pull herself to kneeling but not standing yet.  But I think its only a matter of days.

(I sneaked in and took this in a dark room while she was sleeping, can't believe I got her eyes lines up in the bars so perfectly).

On a totally unrelated note.  I made this awesome salad tonight with my CSA veggies.  Its red lettuce, pea vines, radishes, chives, Craisins, croutons, chicken and noodles.  With a Tuscan balsamic vinaigrette.  It was delicious.  I thought as I took this photo, that's a lot of salad we are going to have a ton extra.  But no, we ate it all!

Friday, June 15, 2012

9 Months Old!

Holy Cow.  How is it possible that Rory is already 9 months old?

Rory had her 9 month check-up today.  She did so good.  Dr Schaefer could not believe how big she had gotten.    She weighed in at a whopping 20lbs 14oz.  That's 85th percentile.  Remember, this baby was born in the 5th percentile.  Holy cow has she grown fast.  She is also 27.5 inches tall and has a huge head (Thank you Husted family, love you).

She is thriving.  She is right on track for crawling and a little ahead of the game on eating food.  I couldn't be prouder.

The next 3 months are all about transitioning Rory into a toddler.  By 12 months she will be off formula and off baby food.  They really are only babies for a short time.  It's so bitter sweet.  My little baby is growing up and its so exciting but does make me a little sad.  Who would have thought I would love the baby stage so much.

Her 9 month photo shoot was a prefect example of the stage she is in.  It took me a lot of outtakes to get a good shot.  She would not stop moving.  Here are a few outtakes.

And the best one.  So much for sitting next to cat in the hat every month.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I joined a CSA for the first time this year.  I am so excited about it.  I got a great deal through my work and they drop off every other Thursday at our work which is so convenient!

If you are not familiar with CSA's, they are locally grown fruits and veggies.  The idea is that your supporting local farms.  Food4Thought, our CSA, explains it pretty well on their web site.  I love that they have 2 member events where you can go to the local farms and meet the farmers, see where your food is grown and they have a picnic for everyone. 

I definitely could use the education on all the different fruits and vegetables because I pretty much buy the same things and don't really venture out of what I know too often.  I also thought it would be a great way to continue to make Rory fresh veggies for dinner, although there really isn't anything in this first box that she can eat other then the strawberries.

Here's what came in my box:
Lacinato Kale
Red Radishes
Pea Vine
Red Lettuce


The box comes with a newsletter on what each vegetable/fruit is, how to store it, tips for using it and even some recipes.  I put everything into plastic bags in the fridge so I can keep them fresh.  Took up a whole shelf.  Tim was not happy and made me move everything to the crisper after I took this photo.

The one thing I am worried about is not using all the veggies before they go bad.  So I am going to really try to be creative and use up everything I get.  The strawberries were no problem, I ate all of those pretty quickly.

The first thing I made was Kale Chips, they are yummy!  This photo does not make them look very good but I swear they are.  Tim was not a fan though.  I pretty much used Mackenzie's recipe, although I did add cayenne pepper instead or red pepper flakes because I didn't have any.  They are so delicious.

Then for dinner I made a fusili pasta with turkey sausage and sauteed radish greens.  Yep, radish greens!  That's the top part of the radish.  The greens were good, very bitter but really good with all the other flavors in the pasta.  I made a ton so I get to eat this for lunch tomorrow too.

So, so far I am very happy with the selection in my box and I am having fun coming up with things to make with the veggies.  I already can't wait to see what comes in box #2!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Kid Loves food!

 I realize that only a mother thinks that a baby covered in food is cute.  But she is shoving her face with cottage cheese!  Its just hysterical!   Who would have thought she would grow to LOVE cottage cheese.

We also tried baked beans tonight and she was obsessed.  She ate like 5 tablespoons of them.  She could not possibly get enough.  These have to be her two favorite foods so far.

Here's what she has tried so far in somewhat chronological order.  Sorry if this is boring, I just want to remember what her first foods were.
  • Turkey deli meat
  • Cheese
  • Cantaloupe
  • Refried Beans
  • Scrambled Egg
  • Blueberry
  • Grapes
  • String Cheese
  • Hot Dog bun
  • Ham Deli Meat
  • Cottage Cheese
  • French Toast Sticks - at school
  • Pickle - just a tiny bit to see what she thought
  • Pear
  • Bagel - a little bit of the inside
  • Baked Beans

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This weekend Rory was maybe crawling a step or two, but now I think she's really gotten the hang of this!

I should have known that knocking something over would be too tempting to resist.  Its funny because my friend Meghan said her baby started crawling the same way.

These are in order that they happened.  And this is honestly the first time I have seen her crawl this far. I keep watching them over and over again.  So proud!



Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a weekend!  It was one of those crazy busy, non-stop fun weekends.

It started off early.  Thank you summer hours.  I left work at 1:30 on Friday.  All week I pondered what to do with my couple of hours of alone time on Friday.  I thought about picking up Rory early but that never really works out well.  She ends up just needing a nap right when I pick her up and then I end up stuck in the house with a sleeping baby.  Doesn’t make much sense.  So unless I have specific plans on Fridays, my plan is to use the few hours to do something I want to do alone.  Something relaxing. 

I thought about going to the pool, running, shopping, sleeping, getting a massage.  But I ended up going to a movie.  It has been so long since I have gone to a movie alone, and it is seriously one of my most favorite things to do.  I went to go see What to Expect When You are Expecting.  It was hilarious.  Made me tear up at parts too.  My favorite line was when one of the Dad’s said “I love my baby so much, sometimes I think I might eat him.”  Hilarious because I pretend to eat Rory all the time and say “yummmm baby!” 

I picked up Rory at her normal time and we played and had a fun night.  She was a little crabbier then normal all weekend.  I think that second tooth might be coming in.

Saturday morning I had an insanely early wake up call.  But I popped out of bed at 5:45 because I was so excited for the Go Commando 5K.  Here we are bright and early ready for the race!

I felt like I was in decent shape to at least be able to jog the whole thing but I was SO WRONG.  I had run 2.25 miles a few times that week but it was pretty flat, I was not prepared for hills.  I think I got off to too fast of a pace plus the hills, I was struggling before the 1 mile marker.  Lindsey stayed behind with me and did the whole race at my pace, which was so nice!  Thank you!  We had fun, the obstacles were a blast.   I did get a nasty bruise on my leg, although not nearly as bad as Ellen's.  Ignore the bathroom floor.

I am pretty bummed that I am in even worse shape then I thought.  It feels like an epic fail.  I honestly have never done a race where I didn't run every step.  But I am trying to just use it as motivation to keep running and getting into shape.  Not dwelling on the negative.  Next year I am going to rock that race!

Mackenzie has some pictures posted and a great recap of our experience.  It was so much fun! 

We had a quick turnaround to go home and shower and head off to East Bethel for Kristina’s Housewarming Party.  It was a fun afternoon.  Rory got to hang out and play with everyone.  And we got to eat some good food and hang out in Kristina’s beautiful house!

Yesterday Tim, Rory and I went to Mankato to watch the All-Star game.  Rory and I layed in the sun on a blanket in the grass and played and watched softball.   (Photo to come) Doesn’t get much better then that!  Looking forward to the Danes season to start!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Picnic in the Park

Rory and I had dinner in the park after my run yesterday.  We had a lot of fun!  It was cut a little short by the mosquitos.  Next time I have to bring bug spray.  I forgot my camera in the car so you'll have to settle for phone pictures.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove of Running!

Is it me or is running with a stroller really hard? I have a super nice running stroller.  A 2011 B.O.B. thanks to my extremely generous and very active Dad!  Its the Mercedes of strollers.  Although they are pretty popular it literally turns heads when we are out and about.

Its pretty light a far as strollers go, I think it weighs about 25 lbs.  But add Rory in there and I am pushing 45 lbs. Feels like 100!  Uphill feels like 200.  Like a ton of bricks.

I love running. I honestly feel so much better about everything when I am consistently running.  I am a nicer person.  I am happier.  I eat better.  And I actually enjoy the challenge.  I also enjoy tracking my progress.  Being the geeky analyst and all its actually fun for me to create spreadsheets and track how I am progressing.

It has been a long road to get back into running.  Its not the physical part thats been hard.  I was pretty much able to run 1 mile 8 weeks after Rory was born.  Its the time committment thats been hard.  And taking time away from Rory to go run.

There honestly were time where I felt so sad that I couldn't figure out how to work running back in my life.  I was worried that I would have to give it up.  This sounds so selfesh.  But trust me, I really am a better person when I run.  A better wife.  And I am sure a better mother.

But I am finally feeling like I am getting into the groove. 

It works out really well when Tim is home and I can run after Rory goes to sleep.  No parent guilt for missing out on time with her and I can get a nice run in stroller-free.  Or I'll take her with me before bedtime or on the weekends.  I am much slower with the stroller but its never been about the time.  Its always been about setting goals and achieving them for me.  Sometimes Rory sleeps and sometimes she just kicks her legs and looks around.  The longest I have taken her is a 30 minutes run and she didn't seem to mind.

The goal right now is to just run a 5K sometime this summer or fall. This is coming from a 2 time half-marathon finisher.  But I am ok with this goal for now.

I am doing the Go Commando 5K on Saturday.  But I am not sure that counts since I am doing it for fun and its really not running a straight 3.1 miles.  We'll see if I feel differently about this after the race.  I am pumped to crawl through some mud!

I am also signed up for the Color Run in July.  Not sure if this counts either as I am planning on focusing more on getting splattered with color then actually running.  So excited for this one too! 

Monday, June 4, 2012


Have you heard of Wittlebee?  It seems to be everywhere.  I am obsessed with this concept and had to try it out.  Basically you enter your babies style profile.  Favorite colors.  Diva, princess, or preppy, etc. You provide your child's age and your location.  Then each month they create a box for you based on what you need and the temperature in your child's size.  

Rory's style profile said that she likes Mix and Match, purple and yellow and that we needed shirts, onesies and dresses.  I also added some notes that we like to dress Rory sporty but also girlie.  I think they followed her profile perfectly.

I tried to take a picture of the box and Willow would not get out of the way, sorry.

Love this dress.

Baseball t-shirt.  Love it.

Not so crazy about the car t-shirt but it did match her profile so I get it.

Some other highlights are a really cute pink polka dot skirt.  And an orange onesie that say Daddy's #1 draft pick.  It's boys but I love it.  

There is one piece that is Carter's but the rest are brands I haven't heard of.  I love that.  I can't tell you how many babies I see in daycare wearing outfits that Rory has in her closet.  Its nice to have some unique outfits.

I made a few adjustments to get a little girlier stuff so we'll see what comes next month!   

I think the best thing about Wittlebee is they make it easy to suspend your monthly boxes.  So if after next month we have plenty of 12 mo clothes I'll probably suspend for a couple of months until fall.  Such a cool concept.  I love the surprise element of it.

Update 6/5 - Adding one more photo of Rory in an outfit from her first Wittlebee box.  She seems to like it!  So Cute!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big Girl, Big Side, Little Bite

Friday was Rory's first day on the big side of the infant room.  She got her second incident report.  The first was that she scratched herself on the face, which we never found the scratch.  I think it was just a warm up incident report.

The second, she got bit in the back of the head.  Yep, first day on the big side.

Apparently the story goes that Rory and another baby were playing with the same toy.  Everything was fine, they were passing the toy back and forth.  Then all of a sudden Rory didn't want to give back the toy and the other kid bit her.  I hope she doesn't turn into a Vampire... I read way too much Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse.

They put an ice pack on it immediately and they said the cried but got over it pretty fast.  They were playing together again within 10 minutes.

Her cut really isnt' that bad.  Its not even really a cut, it didn't break the skin.  I tried to take a picture but it didn't come out very well.  You probably can't even see it, its a small red mark on the top back of her head.

I don't like that Rory was in pain, but I am not upset that this happened.  I knew it would come sooner or later.  The teachers were pretty surprised that I was so layed back about it, but really what can they do?  I know they are watching the babies every minute and they are in a safe environment but they are just learning how to interact with each other.  

And part of that is learning how to handle overcoming adversity and the concept of moving on quickly.  Something I am not always that great at as an adult.  The best part of the story for me was the Rory was playing with that baby again just a little while later.  She got over it pretty quickly.  Good thing babies don't hold grudges.

The rest of the day went great.  Miss Amanda said that Rory had fun playing with all of the new toys on the big side.  And she loved watching all of the bigger kids playing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Moving on Up

First of all let me apologize for changing the theme and look of the blog.  I have a serious problem that every month or so I get bored with the look of things.  I change fonts on my computer and settings on my Nook.  I just like to freshen things up a bit.  So although I would like to say this is the last time I would make changes, it probably isn't.  However, I do think the blog looks more "professional" now and its much easier to read.  So at least I am making improvements.

Today was a big day for Rory.  She officially moved up to the "big" side of the infant room!  Normally they move the babies up when they start crawling but they are moving her up a bit early.  There is a big gap in ages between Rory and the next youngest and next oldest.  The next youngest are about 6 months old.  And the next oldest are over 10 months.  So she was hanging out with the little babies and they thought it would be better if she was with the older ones so she could see them walking and crawling.  They think it will entice her to be more mobile.

I think this is a fantasic idea.  Plus she will be reunited with all her friends.

Moving to the big room isn't really as big of a deal as I make it sound.  She gets a new daily sheet that we fill out that now includes space for what untensils she used at breakfast or lunch.  Her chart is on the other side of the room.  She has the same teachers.  She naps in the same crib, next to the screaming kid.  We can start having her eat tablefood at school anytime now too.  She has had lots of foods at home (turkey, cheese, broccoli, cantoloupe, egg).

But its still a big milestone, and makes me a little teary eyed that my itty bitty baby is growing up way too fast!