Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Croup, Ear Ache and Teething... Oh My!

Yesterday was a tough day.  I'm usually not a super emotional person.  (Something I look at as a negative trait, not a positive one).  But yesterday I was just all over the place.  I got a call from daycare that Rory was really coughing a lot and it was causing her to have problems breathing.  She had also thrown up twice from coughing and was just having a really hard time.  She refused to each lunch too which is completely abnormal for her.

I finished what I was doing at work and raced over there.  I made a doctor appointment to bring her in. 

By the time I got there she had thrown up a third time and was just generally uncomfortable.  It was so sad to see my happy little girl just miserable.  For some reason it just hit me really hard.  I cried all the way to the doctor's office.  I tried not to show her I was upset but obviously she knew.  She coughed and gagged and struggled the whole way there.  It didn't help that she was exhausted, having a horrible nights sleept the night before and only taking a short nap at school.

We got to the doctor's office and she seemed to be a bit more comfortable in my arms.  She laid her head on my shoulder and was very subdued.  So unlike her.  I was really getting worried. 

They took her temperature, normal.  They took her blood oxygen.  They had a hard time getting a reading which has been the case since day 1 with her, but eventually it got up to 90 which is normal. 

The doctor checked her out and was worried about how her lungs sounded.  They determined she has Croup and also has an ear infection.  So they gave her a steriod shot which is supposed to drastically help with the Croup.  She prescribed antibiotics too (Rory's first time on antibiotics) which will help with both the ear infection and the Croup.  They also perscribed more albuterol for her nebulizer.  And told us to make sure we give her Ibuprofen or Tylenol to make her more comfortable.  Holy medications Batman!

But sure enough Rory slept through the night last night.  Pretty comfortably it seemed.  And she woke up this morning smiling and happy again!  Whew, what a releif!  She isn't 100% for sure, but she definitely has some color back in her face and was more active then the day before.  Her coughing has decreased and it seems less bothersome then the day before.

By the way, to top it all off the doctor said her top teeth are about to break through.  Poor girl has a lot going on in her little 21lb body.

I think part of the reason I was so upset was because this is her 4th lung related illness.  She has had RSV, Brochilitis twice and now Croup.  I was just so worried that something was wrong or that this is because she was over 3 weeks early.  But the doctor told me that this still falls within the realm of normal and that since she has healthy periods in between the sicknesses this isn't concerning to them at all.  That made sense to me and made me feel a ton better.

This morning when I dropped off Rory she was super loving.  She kept putting her head on me and smiling.  And she gave me a huge hug goodbye with a big smile.  She also crawled right across the room laughing with a toy in her hand.  They sat her down for breakfast and she went to town on her blueberry muffin.  Big sigh of relief.  She was happy and eating!

This is Rors yesterday before school.  You might not be able to tell but she doesn't look like her happy self in this picture.  I never have a problem getting her to smile for the camera and this was the best I could get out of her.


  1. I still worry that "something might be wrong" with Charlotte, since I was on bedrest for so long. I totally relate to this post. Glad Rory is on the upswing. Poor Babes.

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