Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day!

Tim had softball on Father's Day so unfortunately we didn't get to spend most of the day with him.  Instead we went to Applebee's for lunch and shopping at Target.  We did stand in the card aisle looking for a Father's day card while Rory said "Dada Dada" over and over.   It was a little ironic.  Strangers thought it was funny.  Little do they know its the only word she can really say, but whatever.

Tim got home around 4 so we were able so spend a few hours with him before Rory had to go to sleep and of course get some photos.  Unfortunately we really didn't get a good one of both of them.

and of course in this one Rory's expression is perfect and Tim's eyes are closed.  Her shirt says Daddy's #1 Draft pick.

I can't begin to tell you what a great father Tim is.  I always thought he would be a good Dad but somehow he is even better then I imagined.  He just loves Rory so much and is so good at making sure she knows that.  He's also great at getting on the floor and rolling around with her and turning her upside down as Daddy's do!  He hates being the bad guy but he will when he has to.  He's also great at letting me have some time with my friends or some "me" time and spending alone time with Rory.  Rory and I are both really lucky to have Tim for a Dad and husband!

Rory made Tim a footprint at daycare.  It was so clever.  They sent home paint, a paintbrush and the paper the Friday before.  I got Tim cufflinks with sapphires in them for Rory's birthstone so he can wear them to all of her special events throughout the years.  Overall I think it was a successful Father's Day!  Happy First Father's Day Tim!

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