Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Swim Class

I have always been a pretty good swimmer.  I took swim lessons as a kid with my Dad, at day camp and at overnight camp.  At one point I was even lifeguard certified.  I think swimming is a really important skill.  I wanted Rory to be comfortable in and around water so I decided to enroll her in swim classes.  Plus its something we can do together.

Rory had her first swim class last Wednesday.  I was so nervous that she was going to cry the whole time. And guess what, she pretty much did.

Granted she didn't have a great second nap so that could have been it.  But still, she was definitely freaking out.  We spent the whole 45 minutes in the water but we were off in the corner away from the other babies and parents.  Whenever we would try to rejoin the group she would flip out again.  One parent told me that her baby cried for the whole first 6 weeks.  That was supposed to make me feel better but really it just made me think: "Oh crap, Rory could cry another 5 weeks?!?!?"

Hoping next week is better!

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