Friday, June 1, 2012

Moving on Up

First of all let me apologize for changing the theme and look of the blog.  I have a serious problem that every month or so I get bored with the look of things.  I change fonts on my computer and settings on my Nook.  I just like to freshen things up a bit.  So although I would like to say this is the last time I would make changes, it probably isn't.  However, I do think the blog looks more "professional" now and its much easier to read.  So at least I am making improvements.

Today was a big day for Rory.  She officially moved up to the "big" side of the infant room!  Normally they move the babies up when they start crawling but they are moving her up a bit early.  There is a big gap in ages between Rory and the next youngest and next oldest.  The next youngest are about 6 months old.  And the next oldest are over 10 months.  So she was hanging out with the little babies and they thought it would be better if she was with the older ones so she could see them walking and crawling.  They think it will entice her to be more mobile.

I think this is a fantasic idea.  Plus she will be reunited with all her friends.

Moving to the big room isn't really as big of a deal as I make it sound.  She gets a new daily sheet that we fill out that now includes space for what untensils she used at breakfast or lunch.  Her chart is on the other side of the room.  She has the same teachers.  She naps in the same crib, next to the screaming kid.  We can start having her eat tablefood at school anytime now too.  She has had lots of foods at home (turkey, cheese, broccoli, cantoloupe, egg).

But its still a big milestone, and makes me a little teary eyed that my itty bitty baby is growing up way too fast! 

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