Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Little Rebel

Two days in a row Rory has been boycotting napping.  She will not nap at school.  Instead she messes with the kid next to her and pulls out his pacifier.  He wears a helmet and she tried to pull it through the bars.  So not cool Rory!  Or she just sits up in her crib and claps, waking all the other babies up.  She also kicks the plastic on the crib which makes a ton of noise and wakes up everyone.  All of a sudden she is a little rebel.

They told me that today while she was supposed to be napping one of the teachers peeked in on her and Rory was sitting up in her crib.  Miss Colleen and Rory made eye contact and Rory layed down quickly as if she was caught doing something wrong.  Oh no.

I have no idea wear this is coming from.  She was such a good napper up until now.

Even at home she has been a little more rambunctious around bedtime then normal.  And especially in the morning.  She wakes up at 5am ready to go.  Its a lot harder to get her to go back to sleep when she can sit herself up too.  And once she sits up, all she wants to do is try to pull herself up.

We just lowered Rory's crib tonight. She can pull herself to kneeling but not standing yet.  But I think its only a matter of days.

(I sneaked in and took this in a dark room while she was sleeping, can't believe I got her eyes lines up in the bars so perfectly).

On a totally unrelated note.  I made this awesome salad tonight with my CSA veggies.  Its red lettuce, pea vines, radishes, chives, Craisins, croutons, chicken and noodles.  With a Tuscan balsamic vinaigrette.  It was delicious.  I thought as I took this photo, that's a lot of salad we are going to have a ton extra.  But no, we ate it all!

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