Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove of Running!

Is it me or is running with a stroller really hard? I have a super nice running stroller.  A 2011 B.O.B. thanks to my extremely generous and very active Dad!  Its the Mercedes of strollers.  Although they are pretty popular it literally turns heads when we are out and about.

Its pretty light a far as strollers go, I think it weighs about 25 lbs.  But add Rory in there and I am pushing 45 lbs. Feels like 100!  Uphill feels like 200.  Like a ton of bricks.

I love running. I honestly feel so much better about everything when I am consistently running.  I am a nicer person.  I am happier.  I eat better.  And I actually enjoy the challenge.  I also enjoy tracking my progress.  Being the geeky analyst and all its actually fun for me to create spreadsheets and track how I am progressing.

It has been a long road to get back into running.  Its not the physical part thats been hard.  I was pretty much able to run 1 mile 8 weeks after Rory was born.  Its the time committment thats been hard.  And taking time away from Rory to go run.

There honestly were time where I felt so sad that I couldn't figure out how to work running back in my life.  I was worried that I would have to give it up.  This sounds so selfesh.  But trust me, I really am a better person when I run.  A better wife.  And I am sure a better mother.

But I am finally feeling like I am getting into the groove. 

It works out really well when Tim is home and I can run after Rory goes to sleep.  No parent guilt for missing out on time with her and I can get a nice run in stroller-free.  Or I'll take her with me before bedtime or on the weekends.  I am much slower with the stroller but its never been about the time.  Its always been about setting goals and achieving them for me.  Sometimes Rory sleeps and sometimes she just kicks her legs and looks around.  The longest I have taken her is a 30 minutes run and she didn't seem to mind.

The goal right now is to just run a 5K sometime this summer or fall. This is coming from a 2 time half-marathon finisher.  But I am ok with this goal for now.

I am doing the Go Commando 5K on Saturday.  But I am not sure that counts since I am doing it for fun and its really not running a straight 3.1 miles.  We'll see if I feel differently about this after the race.  I am pumped to crawl through some mud!

I am also signed up for the Color Run in July.  Not sure if this counts either as I am planning on focusing more on getting splattered with color then actually running.  So excited for this one too! 

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  1. I totally relate to this post. Finding the time is the hardest part.