Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wittlebee Box #2

I am so loving this company.  Not only do I get super excited to get my Wittlebee box and open it (I track it like a hawk!) but they have an awesome community on Facebook.  Its so fun to see other people get their boxes and to see what they get.  They also have a great blog and are constantly updating on new brands they are carrying or enhancements they are making to their website.  It makes it exciting even while you are waiting for your next cycle to roll around.

I loved our box this month.  I definitely think this is even better then first box!

I think my favorite item might be the black leggings with the lace at the bottom, they are so cute.

Seriously, how cute is this little daisy skirt!  The yellow onesie is American Apparel.

And I love this little Gap Tunic!

If you are thinking about joining, use this referral code for $10 off your first box.  That's 8 items for $29.99 and you can cancel or suspend at any time.  Seriously such an awesome service!

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