Monday, June 4, 2012


Have you heard of Wittlebee?  It seems to be everywhere.  I am obsessed with this concept and had to try it out.  Basically you enter your babies style profile.  Favorite colors.  Diva, princess, or preppy, etc. You provide your child's age and your location.  Then each month they create a box for you based on what you need and the temperature in your child's size.  

Rory's style profile said that she likes Mix and Match, purple and yellow and that we needed shirts, onesies and dresses.  I also added some notes that we like to dress Rory sporty but also girlie.  I think they followed her profile perfectly.

I tried to take a picture of the box and Willow would not get out of the way, sorry.

Love this dress.

Baseball t-shirt.  Love it.

Not so crazy about the car t-shirt but it did match her profile so I get it.

Some other highlights are a really cute pink polka dot skirt.  And an orange onesie that say Daddy's #1 draft pick.  It's boys but I love it.  

There is one piece that is Carter's but the rest are brands I haven't heard of.  I love that.  I can't tell you how many babies I see in daycare wearing outfits that Rory has in her closet.  Its nice to have some unique outfits.

I made a few adjustments to get a little girlier stuff so we'll see what comes next month!   

I think the best thing about Wittlebee is they make it easy to suspend your monthly boxes.  So if after next month we have plenty of 12 mo clothes I'll probably suspend for a couple of months until fall.  Such a cool concept.  I love the surprise element of it.

Update 6/5 - Adding one more photo of Rory in an outfit from her first Wittlebee box.  She seems to like it!  So Cute!!

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