Saturday, July 21, 2012

Turning 30

I just want to say for the record that I am not ready to turn 30.  I like being young and I still feel young.  I loved my 20's. 

I know that I shouldn't care and that I should be extremely grateful that I get to turn 30.  I think about how my cousin Amanda died at a way too young 20 years old and feel like an a-hole for not wanting to turn 30, because she doesn't get to.

I know that its just a number.

And I know that most people say they like there 30's better then they liked there 20's.

But still, (whining voice) I don't want to!

I have accomplished a ton that I am super proud of by 30.  I have a supportive loving husband, I have a fun, sweet, amazing daughter, I have a nice house, I have run 2 half marathons, I have my MBA and a job that I love.

But still, 30?  That just sounds too old for me.

I am hoping that once Monday is here and gone I will be able to embrace 30.  Accept it.  Make the most out of it.  Show those stupid 20's why 30's are better. 

I can't stop thinking of the Tim McGraw song "My Next 30 years."  I certainly didn't waste my first 30 years but the song still has such a good message.  I think its worth posting all of the lyrics.  It makes me cry a little.

I think I’ll take a moment, celebrate my age
The ending of an era and the turning of a page
Now it’s time to focus in on where I go from here
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years

Hey my next thirty years I’m gonna have some fun
Try to forget about all the crazy things I’ve done
Maybe now I’ve conquered all my adolescent fears
And I’ll do it better in my next thirty years

My next thirty years I’m gonna settle all the scores
Cry a little less, laugh a little more
Find a world of happiness without the hate and fear
Figure out just what I’m doing here
In my next thirty years

Oh my next thirty years, I’m gonna watch my weight
Eat a few more salads and not stay up so late
Drink a little lemonade and not so many beers
Maybe I’ll remember my next thirty years

My next thirty years will be the best years of my life
Raise a little family and hang out with my wife
Spend precious moments with the ones that I hold dear
Make up for lost time here, in my next thirty years
In my next thirty years

This is one of the oldest pictures I could find of me on Facebook. It was Sept. 2006 so I was just 24.  Oh, to be 24 again! 

Here is Tim and I in 2006 - I was 24, he was 30. Gosh we are cute!  We look so young!

Another one of young Erica at 24!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Swim Class, Tim's View

I have only been able to go to swim class with Rory twice, travel for work has made me the inconsistent parent.  Both times I went, I was in the water with Rory.  And Rory and I enjoyed it.

First time I went, Rory hated Miss Courtney.  Miss Courtney is somewhat annoying; mostly cause she has a really deep voice but talks with a super high baby voice and is way over aggressive.  Miss Courtney isn't from MN.  Here is what gives it away, she is clearly Italian and more Jersey Shore than South Side of Chicago.   We don't have Italians here.  Honestly even the guys name Tony are probably "Antonio" not "Anthony".

That said, Miss Courtney hates me more I'm sure.  Mostly because she asks Rory questions like "What song do you want to sing today Rory?" and I don't answer like the other parents.  I assume if she is going to ask Rory a question, she should wait for Rory to answer.  She waits patiently then says "how about (enter song here)" and moves on to the other parents.

And let me tell you about the other parents; there is four other sets of parents.  Let me give you the run down...

Mom #1 and Dylan (who knows if this is his really name) are kinda like Rory and I if Rory stayed awake during the class and I was showing my ass off in my swimsuit.

William is joined by his Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa each week.  These people think that William is the next Michael Phelps.  Honestly they are taking pictures like kid is about to walk on the water and turn it to wine AND are so freaking needing Miss Courtney's validation that their young son/fish is doing it right it is psycho.  These are the people who create the kid who decides at age 10 that swimming isn't his goal for the rest of his life, and he is less than one right now.  I was super nervous that if William did pass "Baby Backfloat 1" he was going to bed without his bottle or dinner.  When it was clear he passed (the cheering), I was relieved.

I like Oliver and his parents.  They also rotate who is in the water and in the changing room seem to be nice people and seem to be keeping the entire class in perspective.

The final kid is Tyler and I he is the rockstar of the class.  But here is the deal, I think the kid is probably 2 years old.  If the kid was any older he'd be asking Miss Courtney to prom.  He can do everything and seems to enjoy it; like maybe he could handle "Baby Backfloat 2" or something.  That kid makes the magic carpet ride (big floating platform the kids sit on) his bitch!  Rides it like a surfboard.

Now to be honest, I think I'm the reason Rory didn't pass the class.  Mostly cause I missed week 1, Erica didn't tell me what I need to do in detail and so I am not following the process that is needed to help her learn what she needs to learn.  We get in the car and Erica is like, you need to "blow on her face and she closes her mouth" and "when you dunk her under the water you have to push her neck down".  I also spent much of my time besides the delayed reaction to each thing (cause they all seem to know the pattern and I'm not sure what we are doing each time since Miss Courtney says, "now lets do our zooms" and I'm like "what is a zoom" but by then we are singing and jumping around.

Swim class, like a lot of baby things, really helps me to see the various methods of parenting that are out there and helps me to refine my method.  My current way of describing my parenting style is "unconditional love and reasonable perspective".  That said, once we get to that early golf age, call me Earl Woods!

The Color Run, Swim Update and Marinara Sauce

I haven't really had many happenings to blog about lately.  It kind of makes me feel guilty because I know there are at least a few people who check frequently for Rory updates.  So here are some random updates.

Last Sunday I did the color run with Ellen, Nicole, Mackenzie and Anne.  It was such a blast.  I think this is one of my favorite 5Ks ever.  At each K you get another color powder sprayed at you from ketchup bottles.  Its a hoot.  Next time I will definitely walk through the color zones and maybe roll around a bit.  I felt like I was just not colorful enough!

Rory came and cheered us on.  Miss Amanda and Miss Colleen came to watch her while I ran.  Did I mention how awesome Rory's teachers are and how much I just love them!  I gave Rory her first temporary tattoo.  Tim was not happy that it took a few nights to come off.

Rory has grown up so much in the last couple of weeks.  It's really astonishing to watch her become a little girl rather then a baby.  She understands so much more now.  If you point to something she looks.  If you say go to Dada, she crawls to Tim.  She says Momma pretty frequently now too.  She pulls herself up to standing like its no big thing.  She has yet to walk while holding on to furniture but she'll take one step here or there so it can't be far.

She had her swim assessment on Wednesday and she will be repeating Baby Backfloat 1.  Not surprised, she cried the first 3 classes and they do the assessment in class 5.  One of the requirements is to be comfortable doing and assisted back float.  Does this look comfortable to you?  You probably can't tell, but she is falling asleep.

I am going to sign her up for the fall classes, I have really enjoyed taking her and I love that she is learning to swim.  I think she is starting to enjoy it too!

Rory had red sauce for the first time Wednesday too.  It was fancy Grandma's Marinara Sauce, yum!  She just loved it.  So much so that she was licking it off of her wrist.  She didn't make nearly as big of a mess as I thought.  When she was done she started throwing pasta on the floor but we have a splash mat under her high chair so its not a big deal.

This weekend we are off to Chippewa Falls for a softball tourney.  Only the second Rory and I have been able to go to this season.  I am super excited to see some old players as well as Katie and Tyler. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrity Baby Syndrome

Erica has book club tonight; so I am updating the blog.... and I realize this may be a repeat topic BUT I'm gonna talk about "Celebrity Baby Syndrome".

This is the syndrome in which when Rors and I go food shopping and my goal is to wonder around the store, interact with Rory and make her laugh etc; we have to constantly deal with people asking us questions.

Rory is a Girl.
Rory is 10 Months.
Rory does not have a favorite cereal (mostly cause she can't tell us and eat ANYTHING we put in front of her)
Rory does in fact have Red Hair.

I don't get it.  Why does a baby send the message that we want to get to know the people in the food store.  This is Minnesota, these people only talk to people they went to High School with yet they'll talk to anyone with a baby.

And help me understand this, what about me bringing my daughter food shopping with me (mostly to let Erica do something else) makes people think I want to know how many kids they have?

The deli lady has 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl who was the youngest
The old dude who looked like Bill Walton has a granddaughter who is about Rory's age, she's 2.
The lady who seemed to really interested in the strawberries has 4 boys just like Rory

 I really just want to get in there, keep her entertained long enough to get everything on the list and get out.... not have mindless conversation about kids with other parents I don't know.

Does this happen to everyone?  Is Rory the Kim Kardashian of MN babies?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a fun weekend!  My mom flew in on Thursday and left Sunday and we had such a great time!  Rory was a blast and it was so fun to see my Mom get to know her at this age – she hasn’t seen her since May!

Thursday we didn’t do much.  I picked up my Mom from the airport and we went to The Good Earth for lunch.  This is one of my favorite places to eat breakfast or lunch.  We made some chicken and green beans (courtesy of my CSA box) for dinner and some Zucchini cookies for dessert (also from CSA box)

Friday we drove to Stillwater.  Despite our fears of construction and traffic, we made it there and back in about 40 minutes.  It was a nice drive and Rory slept pretty much both ways!  We did some shopping and then met Amy and Calvin for lunch.  We had such a fun time.  Its fun to see the babies interact, each time they see each other they play more and more.  It was my first time spending time in Stillwater and we had a great day!

At lunch we discovered that Rory can now use a straw!  This makes meals so much easier!  She also tried fish for the first time - walleye of course!  She loved it!

Saturday we went shopping at Southdale.  We bought Rory a few outfits from Macy’s and the Gap.  Don’t you just love baby Ralph Lauren?!?!  Its so cute.  We found Rory a dress on sale for $14, what a steal.  And I got a few things too, including the most gorgeous Fossil purse from my mom for my 30th birthday present.

Saturday night we went to Osaka for dinner and had a blast!  We sat in the front section where they don’t have cooking tables because I think Rory is too young for them.   Rory was hysterical!  She ate fistfuls of rice, both white and fried.  She loved it!  She kept signing MORE, MORE very empathetically!  We were laughing hysterically!  It was a blast!

When my Mom was leaving Sunday she said to Rory say “Bye, Bye Bubba” and I swear that Rory repeated it.  It sure sounded close. 

We had a great weekend!  I was sad to see my Mom go home.  I loved that she got to spend some quality time with Rory and just wish she got to do it more often!  My mom gave me a little break too, getting up early with Rory and giving her the first bottle of the day all 3 days!  It was fantastic!  Rory is the happiest in the morning so my Mom got to spend that really fun first hour with her each day! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bunt Sign or Stop Rory from Crying?

I realize that I'm really not good at posting blog updates compared to Erica.  Erica's an awesome blogger; I'm an occasional blogger.

Anyhow, had a interesting personal experience this weekend; it was the first time Rory came to Danes games.  Mostly it was easy to stay focused on my role but there was one situation that really had never happened before...

I usually don't coach from the field, I stay in the dugout.  Dugouts make it really easy to focus on the game, perfect for my ADD.  

But Frankie tweaked her neck on a swing and so Randy and I quickly switched and I started coaching Third Base.  So now I'm on the field and realizing that I need to really relearn our signals when I hear Rory crying.  And for a second, I was really distracted.

It was amazing that all the noise of 4 fields of softball, parents yelling at umpires or coaches, bats hitting balls, balls hitting gloves, cheering etc; I heard one thing that stood out to me, Rory Crying!

Quickly I remembered that there were people there including Erica watching her and I could focus on the game but as someone who prides himself on trying to watch every pitch when I coach; first time my priorities got in the way, even for a split second.

Rory has really provided me with so much perspective that I just didn't have and really needed.  And that is showing in my coaching I think.  Not sure what the team would say but I know that I'm seeing the game and environment differently.  I'm not any softer on the girls but I think I'm reminded of the real purpose of what we teach in the Danes program.

I'm also hyper aware of the number of kids running around and almost getting hit by foul balls, a huge risk at and around the softball field.

So Monday nights is Rory and I night in the summer, maybe I'll post another Monday blog next Monday!

Willow and Rory are BFF's

It has been really fun to watch Rory and Willow get to know each other.  At first Rory was oblivious there was even a cat around and Willow didn't even really regard Rory at all.  But slowly they started to notice each other.  I talked about this a little bit back in my post Polka Dots and Stripes.  Now Rory can't get enough of Willow.  She chases her around the house constantly.  She always wants to pet her.  And her first real word with meaning was Cat.  It sounded more like "Dat" but she is clearly referring to Willow and trying to say cat.

Sometimes she will just look at the cat from across the room and just laugh.  Willow could be just sitting there wagging her tail and Rory will think its hysterical!

Willow sometimes goes up and rubs up against Rory.  But she mostly just hangs out in the same room as us and watches her.  When Rory starts crawling toward her she will sometime let her pet her and sometimes bolt out of the room.

Willow has been so good with Rors.  She is gentle with her and somehow I think she just gets it that Rory is a baby and needs to be treated differently then Tim and I.  She even plays with her a bit and is super gentle.  For a cat that love bites a little this is amazing to me.

I do feel bad that the baby gate going to our basement has negatively impacted Willow though.  She won't jump over it for some reason, so she can't go downstairs unless we let her down.  We prop it open at night after Rory goes to sleep but still, its kind of a pain for her.

Willow was the most important thing in our lives before Rors came, so its just awesome to see them getting along and co-existing in the house peacefully.  I think when we came home last night, Willow was genuinely happy to see all 3 of us!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bite Number Two

So the story goes....

Little Miss Rory was minding her own business in the infant room.  She was just looking through some books enjoying the pretty colors and fun pictures.  And out of nowhere comes an anonymous baby.  She walks (or maybe crawls) right up to her and CHOMP bites her right near the eye.  Rory screams and cries.  The bite mark bleeds and bruises.  Poor Rory.  Someone please tell me this is just a freak thing that this happened twice in 1 month.

Good news is that it doesn't seem to be bothering her and its healing up quick.  I asked a few more questions at daycare this week and they ensured me that they are working on this issue both with the kid and the staff.  So for now I am not going to worry about it.  I know these things happen.  Lets just hope it doesn't happen again for a while!  or better yet ever!