Monday, July 9, 2012

Bunt Sign or Stop Rory from Crying?

I realize that I'm really not good at posting blog updates compared to Erica.  Erica's an awesome blogger; I'm an occasional blogger.

Anyhow, had a interesting personal experience this weekend; it was the first time Rory came to Danes games.  Mostly it was easy to stay focused on my role but there was one situation that really had never happened before...

I usually don't coach from the field, I stay in the dugout.  Dugouts make it really easy to focus on the game, perfect for my ADD.  

But Frankie tweaked her neck on a swing and so Randy and I quickly switched and I started coaching Third Base.  So now I'm on the field and realizing that I need to really relearn our signals when I hear Rory crying.  And for a second, I was really distracted.

It was amazing that all the noise of 4 fields of softball, parents yelling at umpires or coaches, bats hitting balls, balls hitting gloves, cheering etc; I heard one thing that stood out to me, Rory Crying!

Quickly I remembered that there were people there including Erica watching her and I could focus on the game but as someone who prides himself on trying to watch every pitch when I coach; first time my priorities got in the way, even for a split second.

Rory has really provided me with so much perspective that I just didn't have and really needed.  And that is showing in my coaching I think.  Not sure what the team would say but I know that I'm seeing the game and environment differently.  I'm not any softer on the girls but I think I'm reminded of the real purpose of what we teach in the Danes program.

I'm also hyper aware of the number of kids running around and almost getting hit by foul balls, a huge risk at and around the softball field.

So Monday nights is Rory and I night in the summer, maybe I'll post another Monday blog next Monday!

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