Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrity Baby Syndrome

Erica has book club tonight; so I am updating the blog.... and I realize this may be a repeat topic BUT I'm gonna talk about "Celebrity Baby Syndrome".

This is the syndrome in which when Rors and I go food shopping and my goal is to wonder around the store, interact with Rory and make her laugh etc; we have to constantly deal with people asking us questions.

Rory is a Girl.
Rory is 10 Months.
Rory does not have a favorite cereal (mostly cause she can't tell us and eat ANYTHING we put in front of her)
Rory does in fact have Red Hair.

I don't get it.  Why does a baby send the message that we want to get to know the people in the food store.  This is Minnesota, these people only talk to people they went to High School with yet they'll talk to anyone with a baby.

And help me understand this, what about me bringing my daughter food shopping with me (mostly to let Erica do something else) makes people think I want to know how many kids they have?

The deli lady has 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl who was the youngest
The old dude who looked like Bill Walton has a granddaughter who is about Rory's age, she's 2.
The lady who seemed to really interested in the strawberries has 4 boys just like Rory

 I really just want to get in there, keep her entertained long enough to get everything on the list and get out.... not have mindless conversation about kids with other parents I don't know.

Does this happen to everyone?  Is Rory the Kim Kardashian of MN babies?

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