Friday, July 20, 2012

The Color Run, Swim Update and Marinara Sauce

I haven't really had many happenings to blog about lately.  It kind of makes me feel guilty because I know there are at least a few people who check frequently for Rory updates.  So here are some random updates.

Last Sunday I did the color run with Ellen, Nicole, Mackenzie and Anne.  It was such a blast.  I think this is one of my favorite 5Ks ever.  At each K you get another color powder sprayed at you from ketchup bottles.  Its a hoot.  Next time I will definitely walk through the color zones and maybe roll around a bit.  I felt like I was just not colorful enough!

Rory came and cheered us on.  Miss Amanda and Miss Colleen came to watch her while I ran.  Did I mention how awesome Rory's teachers are and how much I just love them!  I gave Rory her first temporary tattoo.  Tim was not happy that it took a few nights to come off.

Rory has grown up so much in the last couple of weeks.  It's really astonishing to watch her become a little girl rather then a baby.  She understands so much more now.  If you point to something she looks.  If you say go to Dada, she crawls to Tim.  She says Momma pretty frequently now too.  She pulls herself up to standing like its no big thing.  She has yet to walk while holding on to furniture but she'll take one step here or there so it can't be far.

She had her swim assessment on Wednesday and she will be repeating Baby Backfloat 1.  Not surprised, she cried the first 3 classes and they do the assessment in class 5.  One of the requirements is to be comfortable doing and assisted back float.  Does this look comfortable to you?  You probably can't tell, but she is falling asleep.

I am going to sign her up for the fall classes, I have really enjoyed taking her and I love that she is learning to swim.  I think she is starting to enjoy it too!

Rory had red sauce for the first time Wednesday too.  It was fancy Grandma's Marinara Sauce, yum!  She just loved it.  So much so that she was licking it off of her wrist.  She didn't make nearly as big of a mess as I thought.  When she was done she started throwing pasta on the floor but we have a splash mat under her high chair so its not a big deal.

This weekend we are off to Chippewa Falls for a softball tourney.  Only the second Rory and I have been able to go to this season.  I am super excited to see some old players as well as Katie and Tyler. 

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