Monday, July 9, 2012

Willow and Rory are BFF's

It has been really fun to watch Rory and Willow get to know each other.  At first Rory was oblivious there was even a cat around and Willow didn't even really regard Rory at all.  But slowly they started to notice each other.  I talked about this a little bit back in my post Polka Dots and Stripes.  Now Rory can't get enough of Willow.  She chases her around the house constantly.  She always wants to pet her.  And her first real word with meaning was Cat.  It sounded more like "Dat" but she is clearly referring to Willow and trying to say cat.

Sometimes she will just look at the cat from across the room and just laugh.  Willow could be just sitting there wagging her tail and Rory will think its hysterical!

Willow sometimes goes up and rubs up against Rory.  But she mostly just hangs out in the same room as us and watches her.  When Rory starts crawling toward her she will sometime let her pet her and sometimes bolt out of the room.

Willow has been so good with Rors.  She is gentle with her and somehow I think she just gets it that Rory is a baby and needs to be treated differently then Tim and I.  She even plays with her a bit and is super gentle.  For a cat that love bites a little this is amazing to me.

I do feel bad that the baby gate going to our basement has negatively impacted Willow though.  She won't jump over it for some reason, so she can't go downstairs unless we let her down.  We prop it open at night after Rory goes to sleep but still, its kind of a pain for her.

Willow was the most important thing in our lives before Rors came, so its just awesome to see them getting along and co-existing in the house peacefully.  I think when we came home last night, Willow was genuinely happy to see all 3 of us!

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