Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekend Recap!

I had a great weekend!  I actually wrote this post on Monday but got so busy that I didn't get around to adding the pictures and posting till today.  Oops.

My friend Christine was in town for her Doctorate graduation.  Christine and I met in 6th grade and although she moved to Georgia our Freshman year I visited her in Atlanta many times.  It was so great to see her.  We even pulled out some Jr. High photos and reminisced about how dorky we looked back then!  Me in way too baggy clothes and Christine in plain shirts.  We dug up an old journal that Christine wrote to me when she moved.  It was really sentimental.  It was strange to look back into the minds of our 14 year old selves. 

On Friday we met Christine and her husband David at Chino Latino.  I love to take people from out of town there, it just seems like a must-go-to when your in Minneapolis.  Tim took Rory home after dinner and the three of us enjoyed a drink and beautiful weather on the rooftop at Stella’s. 

Saturday Christine and David went to their graduation and I ran around doing various things. 

But first I got my 3.5 mile run it!  It felt fantastic!  I had Rory with me and when I started it wasn’t raining at all.  The clouds looked like it could go either way so I thought I would loop at bit so that I was never too far away from the house in case it downpoured.  Well, I got greedy and when it wasn’t raining at the 1 mile mark, I kept going.  Of course, just after I turned around at 1.75 miles it started pouring.  Rory was mostly covered except for her feet.  So I took a blanket that I brought and put it over the front of the stroller making it a little tent.  Well, that little girl thought it was the funniest most fun thing ever.  She laughed the entire rest of the way home.  Thank God too, because if she had been crying it would have been miserable.  I was soaking wet when we got home and the bottom of Rory’s pants were drenched too!

Once we dried off, we went to go check out the space for Ror’s bday party.  Let me just tell you, that I am even more excited now!  And I am super excited to stay at the Graves for a weekend.  I think its going to be a blast!

Then we were off to Calvin’s Birthday party!  He is 1.  He is just about 2.5 weeks older then Rory.  Watching Calvin tear apart his smash cake was a riot!  He ended up covered in blue and green frosting!  It was a fun party and great to see Amy and Calvin.  We also got to spend some time with Meghan and Jack.  Unfortunately, the only photo I got was this one of Jack and Rory playing in Calvin’s room.  Rory seems quite annoyed with me.

 Saturday night we spent some more time with Christine and David.   We ate pizza, drank champagne, it was a fun night!

Sunday Rory and I went to watch the Danes play.  We had fun playing in the grass and watching the games.  Although, I must admit it is really hard to pay attention to the game when Rory is around.  I don’t think I could tell you anything that happened.

Great weekend!  I can’t believe Rory’s birthday is just over 3 weeks away.  She is walking with furniture more and more.  Pulling herself up on every surface possible!  We are down to 1 bottle a day and 3 sippy’s and I started mixing in milk with her formula to slowly transition her over.  I'll have a walker before I know it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Look Who Figured out Where we Keep her Bottle...

At 7:00pm  on the dot Rory crawled over to the fridge and made it very clear that she wanted her bedtime bottle! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

When to give up the Paci?

Keep in mind here that I often have very strong opinions for reasons that make sense to no one except me.  Often my husband doesn't even understand my absurdity.  But I have been adamant since Rory starting using a pacifier that I wanted her to give it up young.

Rory's pediatrician also said that we should try to get Rory off the pacifier around 12 months.   Although I don't follow doctors blindly, I really like our doctor and respect her expertise.

Some of the reasons that pediatricians site as why babies should give up pacifiers early are that it could delay speech development, could cause a lisp, and could cause issues with teeth.  I don't really care about all those reasons honestly. Rory uses the binky at night so not worried about speech and she only uses it for probably an hour max before it falls out when she is sleeping, so it can't really do that much damage to her teeth or top of her mouth.

My reasons are way more selfesh then that.

First I think that they ruin pictures. Although the occasional Paci photo is cute, I want to see baby smiles!  And baby frowns!  And baby lips!  Especially Rory's, they are so red and plump!

Second, I don't want Rory to be old enough to fight me on it.  I want to take it away before she even understands that she loves it.  Although at this age she might cry and have a few tough nights of sleep, at least she doesn't throw a tantrums quite yet.  She gets over things really quickly.

I have limited Rory to a Paci in the car and crib for about 3-4 months now.  Mostly just the crib.  We don't carry one in Rory's diaper bag for emergencies either.  And at school they only have one in her crib.

So the question is, when do I take it away and how?  I am thinking that after she turns one, I might start trying naps without it on the weekends.  If she gets comfortable taking naps without it then we can start taking it away in the middle of the night after she falls asleep.  Then start putting her to bed without it.  Like everything else we can slowly wean her off of it.  No super big rush.

Hopefully I didn't offend anyone with my wild opinions on this.  I am still a new Mom, so what do I know?  What are your experiences taking Paci's away from babies?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Rory's First First Birthday gift!

I just have to say that I have the bestest best friend ever!  You know those people that always think of the perfect gifts, that is my best friend.  Those people that remember that you mentioned that you love something.  That's her!  All 14 years we have been friends (holy cow) she has been that same amazingly thoughtful friend! 

Yesterday I was super surprised to get a package from pottery barn in the mail addressed to Rory.  Rory's birthday is just shy of a month away.  I knew instantly who it was from and what it was!

When Loni was in town we walked around the Galleria and went to Pottery Barn Kids.  We sat Rory in this pink polka dot chair and she smiled and laughed and loved it!  This was months and month ago!  And of course Loni remembered!

I put the chair together and put it right in Rory's room!  I know she has a month before she should officially get the gift but I just love it!  So does she!

Rory is so lucky to have Aunt Loni!  Thank you Loni and Dan for Rory's first First Birthday gift! 

P.S. - The chair has Rory's name on it in brown embroidery but she is covering it up!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Teething Monster!

What a fun weekend!  Tim’s parents visited.  We worked all week prior on Rory saying Grandma and Pop but she was having none of it.  Considering her words are limited right now to dada, momma and cat I may have been expecting too much.  Although some would swear she can say Thank You.

Tim picked up Rory early from school on Friday.  Rory played with Grandma and Pop all night and showed off all of the skills she has learned since May when they saw her last.  Crawling, pulling herself up, sign language, eating everything in site and blowing kisses were some of the favorites.

Saturday we spent the day in Excelsior walking around.  We had a nice lunch on the patio at Maynard’s and then checked out all the stores.  Somehow it became a hunt for Norwegian stuff and Horse Racing memorabilia.  Rory got a Norwegian flag bib from Pop.  It’s super cute.  She is 1/8 Norwegian after all.

Rory was a great sport.  She was fun and smiling all day and didn’t seem to mind going in an out of stores. 

Sunday Beth and John left and we had a lazy day.  Rory and I stayed in our Pj’s all day.  Rory was a bit crabby, she is teething and its clearly bothering her.  She chewed on teethers all day and we made sure to keep Tylenol in her and she was a bit more comfortable. 

She already has her lower and upper Central Incisor, although the upper ones are not fully down.  Based on this chart below she must be getting the Lateral Incisors.  She will close her lips really tight if I try to feel around in there so no way to be sure until the doctor looks at her 12 month appt.

She has been up a couple times in the middle of the night all weekend too.  Its hard because she doesn't fully wake up, she just wimpers in her sleep.  Sometime she'll fall back asleep if I just leave her alone and sometime it will turn into a full blown cry and I will go in and give her Tylenol or rub her back. 

I feel really sad for her though, clearly she is in a lot of pain.  When it starts to get toward the end of the Tylenol any little thing will set her off into full blown crying fit.  Eating has also been hard.  She will eat fine but chewing some things seems to hurt.  Hopefully these new teeth will hurry up and come in soon!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Capture The Rory

In case you haven't noticed, I love taking pictures.  I don't know if its the 5 years that I worked in a photo studio or the photography classes I took, or just the desire to capture the moment but I love to take photos all the time.

Working at MotoPhoto was my absolute favorite job ever.  I developed film and adjusted color and exposure for photos.  It was so fun.  I saw some crazy things in my years there.

Tim gets annoyed when I take a lot of pictures.  He thinks I am missing the moment, whereas I think I am both capturing and enjoying the moment.  To each their own I guess.

I have never had more fun taking pictures then since Rory was born.  She has been the perfect subject.  Cute and happy and still.  Until now.  Now she is constantly on the move.  Go, go, go.  Still happy though!  She doesn't sit still long enough for me to get her smiling or even facing the camera.  Her arms flail around all the time.  She kicks her little feet all the time  She is a photographers nightmare.

Here are some example of common photo results.  This is after 5-10 pictures I trashed. 

I like to try to get her outfits in the morning but the last week has proven to be very difficult.  Granted I am using the camera on my phone but I still have been able to get way better pics in the past.  I usually use my point in shoot more for events or outings to get clearer photos.  But since the shutter speed is faster on my point and shoot and Rory is moving so much I am going to have to start using the PAS in the morning.

This one is cute from Sunday, but its a little blurry. (Those are Gap yoga pants - I am in love with them!)

I am hoping to get a DSLR before Rory's 1st birthday so I can take her 1 year Photos myself.  I can't wait!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have been MIA for a week now. No posts and no real contact with anyone.  Why, you may ask?  Well, I have been on my first ever much deserved staycation!  It was fan-fricken-tastic!

I had each day planned out (thats the analyst in me).

Thursday - DO NOTHING.  I think I exceeded expectations on this day!  I layed around watched Bones (I'm obsessed - started with Season 1, now on Season 3).  Made myself breakfast and just enjoyed the day. 

Friday - Spa Day!  I got a massage and a facial!  It felt great!  Then I picked up Rors early and headed to Centennial Lakes with Meghan and Amy and their boys! 

Monday - Productive Day!  I cleaned my car, cleaned the garage, cleaned under the couch, rearranged the living room, did laundry.  I got so much done, it felt great!  I also make Chocolate Raspberry ice cream and Milly's Sangria for Nicole's birthday dinner.  Anne and Mackenzie watched Rors while I golfed.  And I came home to a Susie Freaking Homemaker home cooked meal!  Doesn't get much better then that!

Tuesday - I picked Rory up early and Meghan and Jack came over to go to the pool!  It was beautiful out!

Wednesday - DO NOTHING.  I thought day one I did a good job of doing nothing, well yesterday I did even better.  Watched more Bones, relaxed, it was great.

I felt a little guilty sending Rory to school yesterday, but overall I did get a lot of extra time with her.  I feel like I have finally caught up on sleep from the last 11 months!  I ate great this week.  Made myself eggs and turkey bacon almost every day.  Worked out every day I was supposed to.  And I even lost about 5 lbs.  I feel great!  Overall, I would say this was an extremely successful staycation!