Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Capture The Rory

In case you haven't noticed, I love taking pictures.  I don't know if its the 5 years that I worked in a photo studio or the photography classes I took, or just the desire to capture the moment but I love to take photos all the time.

Working at MotoPhoto was my absolute favorite job ever.  I developed film and adjusted color and exposure for photos.  It was so fun.  I saw some crazy things in my years there.

Tim gets annoyed when I take a lot of pictures.  He thinks I am missing the moment, whereas I think I am both capturing and enjoying the moment.  To each their own I guess.

I have never had more fun taking pictures then since Rory was born.  She has been the perfect subject.  Cute and happy and still.  Until now.  Now she is constantly on the move.  Go, go, go.  Still happy though!  She doesn't sit still long enough for me to get her smiling or even facing the camera.  Her arms flail around all the time.  She kicks her little feet all the time  She is a photographers nightmare.

Here are some example of common photo results.  This is after 5-10 pictures I trashed. 

I like to try to get her outfits in the morning but the last week has proven to be very difficult.  Granted I am using the camera on my phone but I still have been able to get way better pics in the past.  I usually use my point in shoot more for events or outings to get clearer photos.  But since the shutter speed is faster on my point and shoot and Rory is moving so much I am going to have to start using the PAS in the morning.

This one is cute from Sunday, but its a little blurry. (Those are Gap yoga pants - I am in love with them!)

I am hoping to get a DSLR before Rory's 1st birthday so I can take her 1 year Photos myself.  I can't wait!

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