Friday, August 17, 2012

Rory's First First Birthday gift!

I just have to say that I have the bestest best friend ever!  You know those people that always think of the perfect gifts, that is my best friend.  Those people that remember that you mentioned that you love something.  That's her!  All 14 years we have been friends (holy cow) she has been that same amazingly thoughtful friend! 

Yesterday I was super surprised to get a package from pottery barn in the mail addressed to Rory.  Rory's birthday is just shy of a month away.  I knew instantly who it was from and what it was!

When Loni was in town we walked around the Galleria and went to Pottery Barn Kids.  We sat Rory in this pink polka dot chair and she smiled and laughed and loved it!  This was months and month ago!  And of course Loni remembered!

I put the chair together and put it right in Rory's room!  I know she has a month before she should officially get the gift but I just love it!  So does she!

Rory is so lucky to have Aunt Loni!  Thank you Loni and Dan for Rory's first First Birthday gift! 

P.S. - The chair has Rory's name on it in brown embroidery but she is covering it up!

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