Monday, August 13, 2012

Teething Monster!

What a fun weekend!  Tim’s parents visited.  We worked all week prior on Rory saying Grandma and Pop but she was having none of it.  Considering her words are limited right now to dada, momma and cat I may have been expecting too much.  Although some would swear she can say Thank You.

Tim picked up Rory early from school on Friday.  Rory played with Grandma and Pop all night and showed off all of the skills she has learned since May when they saw her last.  Crawling, pulling herself up, sign language, eating everything in site and blowing kisses were some of the favorites.

Saturday we spent the day in Excelsior walking around.  We had a nice lunch on the patio at Maynard’s and then checked out all the stores.  Somehow it became a hunt for Norwegian stuff and Horse Racing memorabilia.  Rory got a Norwegian flag bib from Pop.  It’s super cute.  She is 1/8 Norwegian after all.

Rory was a great sport.  She was fun and smiling all day and didn’t seem to mind going in an out of stores. 

Sunday Beth and John left and we had a lazy day.  Rory and I stayed in our Pj’s all day.  Rory was a bit crabby, she is teething and its clearly bothering her.  She chewed on teethers all day and we made sure to keep Tylenol in her and she was a bit more comfortable. 

She already has her lower and upper Central Incisor, although the upper ones are not fully down.  Based on this chart below she must be getting the Lateral Incisors.  She will close her lips really tight if I try to feel around in there so no way to be sure until the doctor looks at her 12 month appt.

She has been up a couple times in the middle of the night all weekend too.  Its hard because she doesn't fully wake up, she just wimpers in her sleep.  Sometime she'll fall back asleep if I just leave her alone and sometime it will turn into a full blown cry and I will go in and give her Tylenol or rub her back. 

I feel really sad for her though, clearly she is in a lot of pain.  When it starts to get toward the end of the Tylenol any little thing will set her off into full blown crying fit.  Eating has also been hard.  She will eat fine but chewing some things seems to hurt.  Hopefully these new teeth will hurry up and come in soon!

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