Saturday, August 18, 2012

When to give up the Paci?

Keep in mind here that I often have very strong opinions for reasons that make sense to no one except me.  Often my husband doesn't even understand my absurdity.  But I have been adamant since Rory starting using a pacifier that I wanted her to give it up young.

Rory's pediatrician also said that we should try to get Rory off the pacifier around 12 months.   Although I don't follow doctors blindly, I really like our doctor and respect her expertise.

Some of the reasons that pediatricians site as why babies should give up pacifiers early are that it could delay speech development, could cause a lisp, and could cause issues with teeth.  I don't really care about all those reasons honestly. Rory uses the binky at night so not worried about speech and she only uses it for probably an hour max before it falls out when she is sleeping, so it can't really do that much damage to her teeth or top of her mouth.

My reasons are way more selfesh then that.

First I think that they ruin pictures. Although the occasional Paci photo is cute, I want to see baby smiles!  And baby frowns!  And baby lips!  Especially Rory's, they are so red and plump!

Second, I don't want Rory to be old enough to fight me on it.  I want to take it away before she even understands that she loves it.  Although at this age she might cry and have a few tough nights of sleep, at least she doesn't throw a tantrums quite yet.  She gets over things really quickly.

I have limited Rory to a Paci in the car and crib for about 3-4 months now.  Mostly just the crib.  We don't carry one in Rory's diaper bag for emergencies either.  And at school they only have one in her crib.

So the question is, when do I take it away and how?  I am thinking that after she turns one, I might start trying naps without it on the weekends.  If she gets comfortable taking naps without it then we can start taking it away in the middle of the night after she falls asleep.  Then start putting her to bed without it.  Like everything else we can slowly wean her off of it.  No super big rush.

Hopefully I didn't offend anyone with my wild opinions on this.  I am still a new Mom, so what do I know?  What are your experiences taking Paci's away from babies?

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  1. My oldest stopped on his own! Apparently, once babies stop needing to root, they shouldn't need a pacifier. I can't remember the age, but 6 months seems to stick in my mind, so let's assume that is the age. So, the DAY that Ethan turned 6 months, he spit out his pacifier and refused to take it again! That was painful for us because he was a difficult sleeper, so it made bedtime even harder!

    Our youngest was a different story...I had to use the tactic of cutting off the rubber part so that there wasn't anything for him to such on! NOTE: this can be dangerous if the additional rubber breaks off, but we were desperate!

    Follow your instinct and do what you feel right! Everyone is going to have a different opinion on this one! :)