Friday, September 21, 2012

1 Year Check Up

I can't beleive Rory is one already!  Tuesday I took her in for her 1 year check up.  I was excited to see how she was doing and get her stats.  Below are her measurements.

Height 30 Inches - 78%
Weight 26.4 lbs - 98%
Head 18.5 inch - 85%

Needless to say, she is a large baby.  Not fat, just really big.  I couldn't be prouder!  The doctor seemed t think that once she is off formula and walking she will slim down.  It seems like she is going to be tall though!  Which is fantastic, I would love for her to be taller then me.  I feel short at 5'4''.

I don't want to brag.  And I am not the type of mom that thinks my daughter is the smartest or anything like that.  But I will brag about one thing.  Dr. Schaefer said that Rory makes fantastic car noises!  She was playing with a truck on the floor and vroom vrooming.  Again, I could not be prouder!

The next couple months should be fun.  They said to expect Rory to understand more and more.  She should be able to do things like "Go get me that diaper", etc.  She'll also should be walking before her 15 month appointment.  Although, my guess is it will be somewhere between 13 and 14 months.  She is cruising now pretty good but hasn't really started standing on her own yet or experimenting with letting go of furniture.

The Dr. also told us to get her off formula.  Which if you recall I tried once before with bad results.  She thinks the either it was a coincidence or Rory may be only able to tolerate so much milk.  So we have to find that magic number and then can fill in the rest with soy milk.  She only needs 12-16 ounces of milk a day to get the Vitamin D and Calcium she needs to that should be pretty easy to get to with a combo of milk and soy.

Rory also had 5 (Yep Five!) shots!  She did great though, she screamed for about 2 minutes and then went back to playing with her truck!

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