Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I am so bummed.  I have tried to transition Rory to milk and it has gone horribly bad.  She drinks it just fine, thats not the problem.  I actually think she prefers the tast of milk to formula - who wouldn't, formula is nasty.  But it does a number on her digestive system! 

Last week we were up to 12oz of milk and only 8oz of formula.  But she was very uncomfortable and ended up getting the worst diaper rash ever.  She had these nasty poops that were just causing her to feel bad all the time.  So we stopped the milk and about 3 days later she was all better.

I thought that we would try again and this time just work milk in much slower.  I was thinking that maybe I had gone to fast.  But even 1oz today caused her to have some stomach issues.  So I am done with milk for now. 

I am hoping this is just a stage but I would be very sad if she had milk sensitivity.  Not surprised because Tim could never drink a glass of milk, but defnitly sad.  She has never had a problem with yogurt or cheeses so hopefully its just breaking down the proteins in milk that is the issue.

Rory has her 1 year checkup on 9/18 so I am going to wait until then to see what our next steps are.  They will probably want me to move her to either Soy or Rice milk instead of formula.   Anyone have an opinion on which is better?  Bummer.

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