Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rory's New Radio Flyer Wagon!

We got a huge package on our doorstep!  Ok, I probably should have waited till Rory's birthday to open the box, but when I saw that it said Radio Flyer on the side I just could not wait!  Don't worry, when Rory is older I'll make her wait till her birthday to open gifts.  I promise.  So not fair I know!

Rory's first ride in her new wagon was so much fun!  She pretty much giggled the whole time. I think she felt like such a big girl!  When we went over big curbs and she bounced around a lot she held on and laughed, she thought it was hilarious!

Thank You Caleb!  And make sure to thank you parents too!  We are so lucky and grateful for the job that made Amy travel to crazy parts of of the midwest and reunited Amy and I!  Love the Alexander family!  So excited to celebrate Rory's birthday with them!

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