Thursday, September 6, 2012

Run, Run, Run!

Training is going so well!  I am 5.5 weeks in and I have stuck to my schedule like a pro.  My runs are getting easier and easier.  Each week I am so excited for my long run on Saturdays. 

Saturdays have been really fun too.  Mackenzie and I have tried to run our long runs together and it has not only given me motivation to get up early and get it done, but its made it way more fun.  Last week we shared stroller pushing for our 4 mile run.  I loved it, when she was pushing I felt so free!  I flailed my arms like an idiot for a few seconds just to emphasize the awesome feeling!  Of course Rory stayed awake for 3.75 miles and then fell asleep.  Typical.

I am so pumped to run 5 miles in another week.  Thats going to be a big milestone.

I remember the first time that I ran 5 miles.  Nikki was visiting me and she was training for her first half marathon and that Saturday's run was 5 miles.  I think the longest I had run prior was 3 and I felt so not ready to run 5.  I told her I would try and we both ran twice around Staring Lake.  We were overjoyed.  We couldn't beleive we ran 5 whole miles.  This was 2 girls that started out not being able to run a full mile!  Since then we have both run laps around that 5 miles (Nikki a few more laps), but it has to start somewhere.

Its crazy to think that 5 miles used to be my go-to run.  I would just go out twice a week and run 5 miles like it was no bit deal.  I am sure I'll get there again, but it still feels a long way off.

One thing that I love about having to start all over after post-pregnancy and post-Rory is that each Saturday's run is exciting.  It might not be the first time I have run that distance, but its the first time since I had a baby.  And thats something too!

Here's my training plan for the 10 mile.  It might change a bit by October.  I just added intervals because I want to get FASTER!  Nothing crazy, maybe just closer to an 11 minute mile for now.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles with an 11:45 pace so its definitley feasible.

I have always run to run.  I try not to think of it as a way to lose weight but instead as the weight loss as an added bonus.   I want running to be fun and challenging, but the second I make it about losing weight then it gets frustrating.  Well, in 5.5 weeks since I started running regularly I have lost 7lbs.  I am pretty excited about that.  Hoping to lose another 12 by race day!

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