Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am a Technology Nerd!

This week I got to go to the HR Technology Conference in Chicago.  I was really excited to go and learn about the HRIS world outside of my little bubble and I got even more out of it then I thought I would.  A big part of my job is creating reports for HR using an Oracle tool called Discoverer as well as writing scripts in SQL.  The big buzzword of the conference this year was Workforce Analytics, which is a new way of looking at the type of data that I run and send out.  Its a change in philosophy of giving the big picture to HR instead of just providing the data.  A lot of companies have fantastic new products for Workforce Analytics.  I am glad I got to go and learn about the direction the field is going.  There is a lot more I got out of the experience but I don't want to bore you too much (any more then I already have) with work talk.  I brought home tons of crap - 3 new tshirts, a new lunch bag, a tons of pens that light up and do other crazy stuff.  My favorite though is a stuffed monster from Monster - its for Rory and so cute.  And the shirt below, HR is always the most inappropriate!

One of the people I was with grew up in Chicago and drove us around the area that he grew up, which is Hyde Park.  This is where Obama's house is.  We parked at the end of his stread and walked a few houses down before Secret Service got out of their car and told us to turn around and go back.  I was surprised how much security they have on his block when he isn't even there. We didn't follow the sign's directions very well.

I normally don't have a hard time leaving Rory for a couple of days.  I've gone to Chicago once for a day, California for 4 days and Brainerd for 2 days and all 3 trips were pretty easy for me.  Its not that I don't miss Rory when I am gone, its just that I recognize that adult time is good for me and I embrace it.  Plus, Tim has travelled a ton this year and its been just Rory and I a lot, which can be hard and exhausting, so I am not going to lie when I say that I look forward to a little break.  I also love when Tim gets some quality Daddy/Daughter time.  Its good for everyone.

This trip was a little different.  I felt guilty about leaving Rory because in less then 2 weeks I am going to be leaving her again for girl's trip to Florida.  Its not that either individual trip bothers me, its the fact that they are so close together!  It just kind of worked out that way.

I stayed at the Radisson Blu, which Rory, Tim and I stayed at for a night over Christmas.  That made me sad too.  I remembered having Rory in her pack and play and nursing her there.  That was such a fun trip. It made me miss both of them more.

Tuesday night was Rory's first overnight away from both Tim and I.  Mackenzie stayed over with Rory for the night and took her to school the next day.  Of course, she got a sick baby that woke up 3 times overnight.  But I think they had a fun time!  Thank God for good friends!  Here's some pics that Mack took.  Rory loves Chobani Champions!

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