Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Proud Papa Today

So with Erica on her flight home from her vacation in Tampa; I thought I do tonight's update.

Rory Husted is a full blown walker now.  I know that many people have heard that Rory was walking for the past few weeks BUT today was the first day that Rory was brave enough to on her own walk away.  Up until today, she would walk from Me to Erica or from the island to my leg.  She was willing to walk only when we asked her and urged her to "walk".

But today when I got to daycare I was told she was starting to "want to walk" more.  She walked like 20 steps from Miss Nikki over to me at the door.

Then we drove to meet one of the Danes players, Frankie, for dinner in St. Paul.  And we were hanging out in the lobby waiting and Rory was standing holding on to my leg and then next thing you know she was walking toward the door.  I never told her to walk, she simply got brave enough!

So then I realized I had no clue what to do; I mean if she falls on the tile floor she'll cry but I want her to know she can walk on her own; but I mean how far into the street in St. Paul do I let her walk.  So as I'm trying to decide, she turns around and walks 5 steps back to me.

It was awesome.  She looked up and was so proud of herself.  She was beaming.  I honestly don't think I'll ever forget her smile in that moment.  And she was so proud of herself and I was so proud of her.

She was so excited and happy that she finally did it.  Once we got upstairs at Cosettas, after dinner she started walking around the table.  Once she increases mobility, that is when she moves up from her current room to the next room at day care.  Mobility is a huge part of development for a toddler.

Although I already hate how quickly Rory grows up; I am so happy for her and her achievement.  We celebrated her success by dominating some Baked Ziti and Applesause and drinking water out of a straw and cheering all the way home from St. Paul.  She even got to stay up 20 mins late cause I forgot to count that after eating Baked Ziti she'd for sure need a bath!

So great day for Rory.  And I'm one proud Papa!


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  1. Love that you post, Tim! Darin doesn't even read his own family blog! Roots and wings for Rory as she goes off walking in the world...