Friday, October 5, 2012

Top Baby Blogs: To Join or not to Join

For the 8 months that I have had this blog going I have gone back in forth in my head multiple times on whether I should join the Top Baby Blogs web site.

Part of me wants to keep this blog for just myself and my closest 300 Facebook friends.  Really I think only my close friends and family are reading this.  I worry that if I am expanding to a wider audience I will feel more self concious about what I am writing.

But on the other hand I would love to know that someone is reading this!  And it would be fun to see if I could get some votes for the the best baby blog and climb up the list a little bit.  Plus it would be encouragement to post more. 

What do yout think?  Seriously... please comment.  I want your opinion!

Thanks for listening to my nuttiness!

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