Friday, November 2, 2012

Goal Reached! 10 Mile Recap!

Although it’s not my longest distance or even my first 10 miler, I wanted to give a little bit of a recap of my race last weekend.  There were times when I was pregnant or when Rory was little that I really worried that I would never be able to get back into running.  I had both physical and emotional barriers I had trouble getting past.  I gained over 40 lbs while pregnant and when I started running I was still 20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight.  That’s a lot of extra lbs. to run with and when I started out it was really physically hard to run.
Also, Mother’s guilt is a real thing, and it took me a long time to get past feeling guilty about leaving Rory for an hour on a Saturday morning for a run.  My friend Ellen said to me at one point during my training that I was doing more good for Rory by running because Rory was seeing her mom be active and healthy.  This has stuck with me.  Taking 3 or so hours a week to go for runs, whether I drag her with me or leave her at daycare or with Tim is really better for everyone in the long run.  But it took me a long time to get there.
I am still struggling with this concept as I rejoin the gym.  Leaving her in a childcare for an hour on a Saturday so I can take a Yoga class is hard for me.  She spends the whole week in daycare.  But, again it’s just an hour and I think in the long run its better for everyone.  I have really good memories of my Dad taking me to his health club when I was little.  I remember getting to play and sitting at the juice bar with him when he was done with his workout.  I think bringing kids into that environment is a good thing.  And by the way, she could care less as long as she gets to play.
So back to the 10 miler.  As you know if you read my blog, I have been training for 10 weeks.  When I started training I was just back up to 3 miles and I was really proud of that.  Every additional mile felt like a new milestone, even though I had done this before.  I celebrated each mile 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 because they were new post-baby.  My training plan wasn’t nearly as jam-packed as it had been for past races.  I ran 3, sometime 4 times a week.  The last few weeks I topped out at about 15 miles per week.  I think it was a good balance of time. 
For the first time, I trained with someone.  For my 2 half marathons and the 10 mile in 2010  I trained alone.  I always thought I preferred running alone.  But I was crazy.  Mackenzie and I ran almost all of our long runs on Saturdays together and it was great!  It was great motivation to get up and run early.  We chatted about everything and it just made training way more fun!  It was a great balance to run with music on my short runs during the week and have a running partner on the weekends.  I never got sick of my music and never got sick of my running partner (as if I could!)  It worked out great and from someone who has trained both ways, I would recommend this approach to everyone!
The 10 mile race was awesome.  It was so quick but I saw every single mile marker.  They came really fast too.  My legs started hurting around mile 6 but I never walked.  I am one of those runners where if I walk I am done.  My legs just stiffen up and I am done.  My goal was to run every step, which I did!  My secret goal (everyone has one) was to finish under 2 hours.  Not a lofty goal but remember I didn’t train nearly as hard as I had in the past and frankly I am not fast, never will be and really don’t care.  Well, I finish in 1:55:58 (11:36 pace).  Goal reached!  And I must admit, I am pretty proud of that pace!
10 weeks, 118 miles and 13 lbs later – I feel fantastic! 
I now have 3 months off before I start training for the Country Music Half Marathon.  I reactivated my Lifetime membership and I am excited to take some classes with friends and get back in to spin.  My plan is to run 2 times a week, maybe just a 3 and 5 miler to keep up my distance a bit.  But first I am giving myself a much need and well deserved 2 full weeks off of running!

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  1. You are AMAZING! I am so proud of you! I know these struggles too, and I connect to your feelings.