Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

Back to reality today.  Sigh.  I am back at work today, Rory is back at school and Tim is off on a work trip to St. Louis and Vancouver.  I miss both of them already.  We had a fantastic weekend together and I can't even remember when the 3 of us spent that much time together. 

Wednesday I sent Rory to school for part of the day so I could put up the Christmas tree and all of the decorations! I also did tons of laundry and cleaned everything.  Tim and I even grabbed a quiet lunch together, just the two us, which we haven't done in a while.  The house was offically ready for a long weekend of doing nothing!

I also made these amazing Vanilla Peppermint Fudge Bars they are so amazing.  But you have to cut them really small because they are so rich and sweet.

Thursday Tim cooked Thanksigivng dinner...

We had a 4lb turkey breast since it was just the three of us and he made sweet potatos, stuffing, green beans, corn and cranberries.  Although it wasn't Rory's first Thanksgiving, it kind of felt like it since it was the first time she could eat the food.  Hands down, her favorite meal ever!  Good thing too because she ate it Friday and Saturday night too. 

In addition to the rest of my meal, I ate pretty much an entire can of cranberries, I shared one slice with Tim and one with Rors.  They are my favorite thing about Thanksgiving.  And they have to be the ones from the can with the ridges on them.  I know that is awful but I just love them.  Rory liked them too, that made me happy!

I'll post later this week about the rest of the weekend!  Including Black Friday Midnight Shopping and our family trip to the Children's Museum.

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