Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yesterday we got Rory's transition plan to the young toddler room.  I have very mixed emotions about this.  On one hand I am super excited for Rory to experience some change and try something new but on the other hand I am not ready for my little baby to grow up. 

I think she is bored in the infant room and is ready for a little more of a challenge.  Last week we were told Rory was being a little "handsy" with her friends.  Which basically means she was slapping them - not on purpose obviously.  They think its because she is bored.  She is the oldest in the class by over a month.

She'll also be back with the friends that she has been in class with since the very beginning.  There will be 7 kids and 1 teacher in her class.  We know the teacher Miss Coreena already and we like her a lot.

The kid that bit Rory 3 times will be in her class again, but I am hopeful that she has grown out of that stage.  Its been a couple months since her last incident as far as I know.

And honestly, Rory has been really whiney lately about everything.  This morning she was upset when I put her down, upset when I walked away, upset when I put her shirt on.  I don't know if she is teething or just going through a stage, but I am hoping that being around older kids vs little babies will help her get out this whiney stage.

I am going to really miss the teachers Rory had in the infant room.  They have been absolutley amazing.

Rory will start transitioning next Wed 11/14 - She'll be 14 months.  Here's how it works:

Week 1 - 1 hour in YT room
Week 2 - 2 hours in YT room
Week 3 - Half Day in YT room including lunch
Week 4 - Most of the day in YT room including nap.

On 12/14 (at 15 months), she'll be officially in the new room.  They teach them how to drink out of cups and brush their teeth and they sleep on cots in there!  Holy Cow!  How in the world is Rory going to sleep on a cot?

They keep them in the YT room till they are about 21/22 months and then she will transition to Toddlers.  So come June or July we'll go through this all over again.

I am so excited for her!  Here's to hoping this transition goes well!

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